Breakers, am I the only person who likes this game?

What do you peeps think of Breakers?

I know it’s not exactly original, but it’s extremely fun and can be very fast paced.


I like Breaker’s Revenge, too fun.

i’ll money match anybody at breakers this evo anybody down

This game is fucked up, so funny.

Throws beat meaties, the indian dude with the 360 throw totally beasts on people, there are some psycho 70% + damage links with the command normals. Mad fun though.

Breakers Revenge is hot. Love the character design, even though they “borrowed” quite a bit from SF.

best fockin fighting game ever made. svc chaos couldve learned a lesson from this game. this is one exception in which brokenness actually makes things more fun.

sho=too good. sf2 style shotocrossup+fireball+dash into fireball+chunlis lightning kicks+ not only sf3 style overheads but also standing moves that hit low+ super xx super xx super+tigeruppercut

= history of street fighter rolled into one character

Yeah, breakers is dope. Better than a lot of other shit that’s out

this game is tight!

sho is definitely top top tier if you ask me.

i play a couple of hours a week of this with my mate.

rb2 is too hard for him to get into but this game is just perfect for him, great game for beginners to learn the basics.

damage is weird on it though… first special often does 25%-33% of your bar…

I’ve only played Breakers Revenge, fun game. I like the egyptian guy with long legs or whatever.

This game is great, f_man is always happy to see a good Pielle player.

pielle is low tier in my book. i used to use him but his recovery sucks on most of his stuff and he lacks ways to crack the enemies defences.

breakers=broken :lame:
now breakers revenge on the other hand…:clap: :tup:

a very fast paced, aggressive fighter , imo. good 4 its time and still good to this day.

my chars r primarily Alsion III (dhalsim-esqe character-nuff said) and saizo (very fast w/ moderate damage + some interesting cornertraps). saizo is kinda scrub-friendly tho.

the thing i luv most about this game is that it feels like a capcom game, so the game and characters r ez 2 pickup.

condor is BULLSHYT. possibly thee ez-est ‘big-guy’ char in fighter history. and pielle is good (whoever said he wasnt). z-slash ownz limbs and 4 some reason he has a projectile (why?)

Buk you play BREAKERS!!! Man we gotta play! I wondered if I was the only one that played it. I play Breakers Revenge though!! At a first glance the game seems liek a ripoff of STREET FIGHTER, Tia is like Ryu, Chun-Li, Bison all in one LOL… BUt this is a really understated game…its better than most people think!!

Buk If I was going to EVO id be down, but since I aint cause I have to teach Spanish that weekend…=(

BRev is awesome. So fast paced, so tightly controlled, such a strong attack system. So it only has 9 characters and many of them are ripoffs–it’s still alarmingly fun to play. I play Sho/Tia/Saizo.

I never expected this kind of response…!

Pielle’s voice = :rofl:

Absolutely. :clap:

And Condor has a ridiculous vaccuum effect. TOMAHUU!


uuuuh…i think i wanna start playin this game again.

yo arturo, jeron, you guys down?

click the 2nd link in “Blastrezz” post. i think there’s more on the thread, but im too lazy to check. have fun :tup:

random-phukin-german-site!! :confused:

edit: has a combo vid (by KOF cyberfans) for this as well. just sign up and its yours!

i like to say i held br nationals at the dojo in san jose ca awhile back. and the rankings went

1st campbell tran
2nd bronson tran

and the list goes on and on. it was a heated tourney, but campbell pulled through.


ps. i have best condor in usa.

I love breakers but the final boss and that gay ass Alsion III dude are way to hard! that shit is ridiculous. Speaking of Breakers wat the hell was the point on breaker’s revenge all they did was add Saizo the ninja and he’s not that good. Sho and Tia are the best characters to me.