Breakers and Breakers Revenge strats and videos thread!

I’m fairly new to this game but I really enjoy this SNK gem as it’s really easy to pick up but I have a hard time trying to find move lists, vids or any strats on this game. Any help or discussion on this game would greatly be aprieciated.

Much thanks

Oh man, I got sooo much on this game I could certainly dig up for you…let me dig it up for you and I will post up okay?

Best character in the game=Sho. He’s got a little infinite combo and many other things that he has. Who do you use in BR?

Tia is very good, shes a good mix of Bison, Chun and Ryu/Ken…lol.

The game has Karacancel tricks and crossover tricks etc. Even the Arabian guy has some hard infinite and Saizo the ninja has good stuff.

She has some great tricks etc…

Who do you use?

I’m right there with you m8. Great idea, I got a fair bit of stuff too. Here is the first thing, the ‘Slow Burn’ combovideo:

I can’t beleive this game isn’t more popular. Its has wild rushdown and combos of newschool, and enuff footsie and zoning to interest oldschoolers like me. Above-all its just so intuitive, accessable and a blast to pick up anytime.
As for tiers, I really think there up in the air atm. Every character feels good in that game. Personaly I think the two sword weilding charas are awsome, and AlsionIII too.
What stuff you got DarkGeese? I got some matchvids of Rila vs Tia and a set of Dao-Long vs Saizo. I’d love to see anything you got.

Btw, are there anyother differences between Breakers and Revenge besides Saizo and background recolouring? I personaly prefer the origonal, nicer colours and Saizo is really boring ,dumb chara to watch from what I’ve seen.


There’s a machine in good quality in Casino in London, but I hardly see half the people who play it, and Chef keeps refusing to film it :stuck_out_tongue:

Most annoying thing about this game is that there are hits that show up on the combo meter that aren’t combos, like Pielle’s jab jab jab Z-slash. Really screws you up when you’re trying to work out what works.

Man I’ve got Triple Karacancel stuff, Infinite combo with Sho, Killer combos with Tia, crossover setups with Tia, Maherl infinite combo, and other stuff.

Man it is a shame this game isn’t too popular. I will have to post up when I get the chance…

Saizo can do damage really easily…he is boring but he does easy damage.

Sho is just crazy…and his infinite I discovered that practically I doubt if anyone else has yet just puts him over the top in the corner. Let me dig my stuff up tonight and I will post later on tomorrow evening my time (Its almost 7 Pm my time right now)

For what I know there ain’t too many differences between the games…

For now…pardon me guys for cutting it short right now…but I just had a hard day of work and I’m tired as hell.

Heres what I call the** KCC Or KaraChainCancel**-

I’m sure you know about Chain combos…well in this game you can literall karacancel the chain combos to use all kinds of mixups…for example with Tia KCC A,B,C,cr.D sweepxxfireball and you can do many many other things with it if you just use your imagination.

This is originally from Real Bout FF…you can do it in this game for some very good mixups…I am tired as hell so I’m gonna stop there for now…more to come later.

First of my matchvids, Moetaro Breakers Revenge tournament final
Spinalblood vs 4K:

Other SRK resources:'s+Revenge's+Revenge's+Revenge


Some more from matchvids, this time from Game 41:

Features sex change Ken vs Blanka.

There should be some vids from r2j on cv

So Saizo=best character in the game?? Another new character being best…hmmm I have to do more research on him…I know about all the stuff he has into dizzies etc and good damage…

I know that Sho can give him a good run for his money…

Thurther posts will continue here:


top 3 are:

sorry but sho has WAY too much mixup and options over the mojority of the cast. a good saizo/tia can take care of him though. not too sure about the rest of the cast (poor pielle :sad: ).

I totally agree with you Zee Tee Bee…

Man I need to re-DL the roms of this game >_<. BTW, ArcadeExtreme’s Forums also have a Breaker’s combo vid if anyone has an account there.