Breakers Revenge Free on Gametap till 10/4

I just stumbled upon this game on Game Tap. You can play it FOR FREE. Completely legal! Just D/L the GameTap viewer and select “Breakers.” I think some cats know it as “Breaker’s Revenge.” I hear they are slightly different games (i.e. SF3:3s ver. A to SF3:3s ver b.) This game never had a home release and wasn’t even really made by SNK, to my knowledge. It’s a VERY solid game and since anyone with a pc and internet connection can play it FREE, legal and vs other players ONLINE, why not give it a shot?

Gametap site

Whoa are you serious? Starts downloading

Yeah, they removed the unblockables.


I can’t seem to play the game, even though I’ve downloaded the players and even registered on the site.

Breakers Revenge is a revision of Breakers, and it was made by Visco for the Neo-geo. This would be great except it’s only on free play till october 4th so I don’t think it is worth installing their player. Also check out the SNK thread; Breakers Revenge is all the rage over there.

p.s. Damn, they have a crapload of SNK games on freeplay; too bad it’s only temporary.

Does it have netplay multiplayer?

I cant change my controls on gametap =(

And the thing is going at 1/3 of the speed. Any tips to improve performance?

Try uninstalling and re-installing. That’s seemed to help some people.

It’s worth it even for a couple of weeks. It doesn’t take that long to d/l, IMO.


If you register on GT’s website, you get control options for each game and some extra performance options, I believe. I’ll look a little further into it.

gametaps netplay is basically unplayable btw, just use p2p kaillera :confused:

am pretty sure this is just mame with some modifications:looney:

And once you all get done loving Breakers some more…why dont you join us all for Breakers Revenge tournaments??

i played this game with my old roommate a few years ago…

it really is must play. imagine cvs2 with marvel speed gameplay. and is it me or does anyone else notice sho has every special available in the original street fighter 2?


I would be playing with you every day, except I live in the other side of the country :sad:, big SNK fan ;).

ps. TIA forever!

Does anyone else smile, when you see her win? Also I love her stage with the monk, its priceless.

Thanks to the internet, we have known about this game for years now. It is great and lots of fun.

Some people have and some people hear the name and go, “whatever,” but I just wanted to point out it is on gametap completely free and legal (that IS an issue for some people.)

It would make since. I get the feeling that he was there as an intentional sf2 rip off even down to the name.
Sho Ryu Ken

yeah. Tia even says, “YATTA,” when she wins.

The company that made this game got sued…by Capcom for obvious reasons…I mean come on…Tia has Chun Li legs…Chun Lis attakcs.Guile sonic Booms…Yuri/Sakura style uppercuts…Shoryureppa, PSYCHO CRUSHER…

And other things…but label this and laugh at it as a Street Figher clone and you will miss out on HOW GOOD THIS GEM IS.

Get your playin in and then when it goes out COME MY WAY when I am near you and ENJOY BREAKERS REVENGE EVOLUTION!!!

pc1x1- R U going to Final Round XI? It’ll be in Atlanta.

I don’t recall hearing Visco ever getting sued over this game. You might be thinking of Fighter’s History, there was definitely a lawsuit over that one! Also, I personally think the original World Heroes was an even worse ripoff than either of those games, but that’s for another thread.

As for the differences…best as I can tell, in terms of gameplay, Breakers and Breakers Revenge are exactly the same except Revenge has Saizo. Different backgrounds also.


its all fun and games online until someone picks saizo