Breaker's Revenge on Kaillera

I’ve only played all of 3 people in this game on there.

Anyone else play this???

-new '05 strats to come later…

I have played a few matches for fun in the past but I have no clue how good/bad I am overall. I go by the name “immortal” so maybe we’ll play sometime. I like using Pielle, Dao Long, and Condor.

I’ll play. I’ve been playing SSV mainly on GW1 but if you see me (Nagata Lock II) just say you’d like to play Breakers and I’ll go a few games with you. I have no clue how good or bad I am in the grand scheme of things.

We had like 5 people in that tourny!

Cool stuff guys. I’m on there as CoosCoos. I usually play Condor, Dao Long, Maherl, Tia, and Saizo. Hope to catch you guys sometime. I just got into it lately, and I really am having fun with this game. I wish you could play Matrimelee on Kaillera, that would be awesome.

i play a little bit also
RushedDown on kaillera

You CAN play Matrimelee on Kaillera. :slight_smile:

This game is starting to pick up a bit in popularity so you may be able to coerce more people into playing than in the past. We are even having a local tourney for this this weekend in NYC.

Oh snap…

You can Matrimelee on some versions of MAME, I have one from Korea that runs it ^^.
I also have Breaker & Breaker’s Revenge. Can someone point out the differences between them?
How do u play as the final boss? In Revenge?
Though I play it, I don’t have net connection to play Kaillera ;
If anyone’s interested, I can open a strats thread in the Strategy Zone ^_^. I can only provide movelists & descreptions with a few notes on them, but if you can contribute combos, we might get a cult soon :D.
So yeah, hows about it? I wanna get good in this game.

I say make it. It wouldn’t hurt to have a new discussion thread about this game.

Gimme an hour from after this reply is posted & check teh Strategy Zone :cool:
BTW I :love: Tia