Breakers Revenge people! 2df

I never use my thumbs while playing a fighting game since I always used a sega saturn style psx pad. So, I searched for some 4 button fighting games while training stick so I don’t have to play with a arcade stick mount on my lap everytime I want to enjoy a game. Breaker’s Revenge is by far the game that appealed most to me. Anybody play this? The game I guess is kinda like Alpha 2 except its easier to combo, dashing, and has real nice style. With all these topics about games people want to play popping up about 2df, I might as well put my game I like on the map. This game has far more appeal to me than any other SNK game as a 3s fan. If you like this game, mention it here. If not, please check it out.

I play it a bit. It’s not my favorite of the Neo-Geo fighters, but it’s pretty fun in small doses… there aren’t enough characters so I tend to get bored after a while. But it’s a good game, fairly well balanced with some crazy ass combos. The damage is pretty wacky too, someties moves will do a shitload of damage and other times not so much (I think it’s based on how much life the other guy has left). It makes things annoyingly random at times.

I notice that too, but I think the game unofficially registers “counter” hits. I tested it one time with Rila vs Sho. Rila had flashing health and Sho was full. I did a Strong dashing uppercut and it did normal dmg, then I had sho do his anti-air kick and counter it with the dash punch and the dmg was like 40%.

More people for Breakers Revenge please!

I think if there could be the ability to be in different room at the same time, it could ehnance the gameroom popularity, I’ll try to request that in the 2df forum

I play Breakers Revenge. PM me when ya’ll setting something up.

Just AIM me whenever anybody wants to play. You must be able to forward ports though, because I can’t.