Breakers Revenge Tournament (09/11/2005)

Game: Breakers Revenge

Emulator: MAME32K 0.64

Date: Sunday September 11th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination. 3/5 Falls Winners and Losers Finals. 4/7 Grand Finals.

Server: Godweapon Server #2, Godweapon Best Of Best

All brackets will be co-ordinated through an IRC channel of my choosing on the day of the tournament and will be posted in here.


  • Manidotry IRC rule is still in effect. If you have come across players on Kaillera that play this game please send them a link to this thread and tell them to get IRC. I will not co-ordinate matches between IRC and Kaillera because people don’t want to take 30 seconds for a couple meg download.

  • Random seeds as this is the first tournament.

  • If you want a change of pace, this is a really fun game and worth your while to grab. Just make sure to get Breakers and Breakers Revenge. Combined it’s like 10mb if that.



Learn how to spell. Mandatory.

What is the IP of this server?

I wouldn’t mind playing if I’m available.

im gonna try to play i should be able to

I’ve never played the game before but count me in. :xeye:

Anyone wanna play a few?

I’m in to mget beasted upon

Is this tourny actually happening?

thats a good question

name the server man. shit!


Well if anyone is interested then meat in #breakertournament on Efnet by 10:00pm EST.

join people! quick!

still time to enter if u are there by 10:30

Time’s been extended to 10:30

#breakertournament on EFnet

Too bad this didn’t start when I was actually on time and looking around for it on here and on kaillera for like 20 minutes. I stopped watching the football game on ESPN for this and found no one so I assumed it was cancelled for good.

It’s too bad because I was looking forward to owning up everyone with Pielle and Dao-Long. :sad:

<- Scared

Hey, I felt like doing some fun trash talking so I did it. I had to feel like I was still a part of the event in some form. Nothing personal.

So how did this event go anyways?

run dat sh!t back

yo, somebody host another Breakers #R tourny. i wanna beast on u kats w/ alsion and pielle.:karate: . i know this is sudden Nagata, but try for a tourny this weekend . if not a tourny, at least some cas play. who wants some?!:wow: :wow:

btw, what where the results from the last event