Breakers Revenge


Breakers Revenge is an awesome 2d fighter made by some weird company. It has an active community and it is a blast to play.

Me and CrazyDazed have been working on the SRK Wiki for Breakers revenge and it is pretty good so far. There’s at least a little info about every single character in the game (except the boss).

The game is really simple to pick up, and hard to master. A long while ago, people around here played it, but not so much anymore. Now that it is on you really have no excuse not to play it, as its just a click away without having to fiddle with kaillera or any other annoying matchmaking system.

Breakers really does have a LOT to offer. It can be fast paced and a ton of fun, it is filled with combos and variety, and the characters are hilarious. Tell your friends about breakers!

To learn, check out the wiki, here:

also, I’ve made 2 tutorial videos to help people who are just getting started, but are still useful for experienced players:

juggling/canceling: [media=youtube]bFOiGxbRbhI[/media]
breakering: [media=youtube]kz6nCjTMeiE[/media]


hi zand i play maherl how do i play that guy what tier is he




After watching these tutorial videos I want to throw away my Xbox360 and Street Fighter 4 and convert to Breakers Revenge


How much yomi is in this game…


I knew that someone would ask this.



Tons of yomi.


Great videos! I like using Saizo!


I love the song that plays after every round, it’s hillarious

I also really enjoy the Yomi avatar


game is great


Wow, this game looks a LOT like Street Fighter! Pretty suspicious if you ask me…how did they NOT get sued?


Capcom only had money for one law suit and Breakers is not as awesome as Karnov’s Revenge.:wgrin:


Hi guys, I’d like some support here!



I played this quite a bit a couple of months back on 2df.

I’m mostly have trouble with Sho and how easy his links are all around. Any good tips on beating him with Maherl?


Maherl v Sho is pretty tricky for Maherl. Keep in mind that cr.C will beat a lot of Sho’s moves. Maherl can j.C sho’s j.B and some of his other air moves but this fight is all about playing it repeatedly and seeing what works. It is pretty bad for maherl tho, although you can genie super through sho’s air super fireball pressure.


Hmm, I’ll definitely take that into consideration - always thought that Maherl’s crouch/stand/air C are pretty decent. If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably go with Dao Long - seem to get a bit more better results against Sho/Tia with him.

Plus that tutorial on breakering posted is pretty new to me, so this will be interesting to try out and adapt.



I just picked this up. I’m a casual but it’s smooth, so smooth. If you like the changes made to Nash in SFV then Tia feels like an immediate predecessor… until you realize she has a dragon punch, psycho crusher and lightning kicks. Very cool, and for some reason, it seems to be a reference to this b-boy classic:


You made the right choice, Breaker revenge is one of those gold classic that stood the test of time. Its even one of the few fighter that actually good for noob to start playing.