Breakfast Help


SRK, I need some help. I could check google first, or search the forums, or just make decisions on my own, but no. Should I go with the sausage and egg combo or stick to the safe bacon and egg?

PS: Of course I’m having hash browns and a coffee with it.

PSSS: Does anyone play Pogs around here?



Both sound like shit. Eat some cereal. But use liquor instead of milk.

PETA recommended it one time, I think.


Cereal is GARBAGE, only white people eat that shit for breakfast.


Sausage is more substantial, but I think bacon is tastier.


And I just happen to be a white person.

Or perhaps you knew that already and thus made that comment.

Well fuck you then. I’ll enjoy this bowl of Lucky Charms and ??? without you.


No… I thought you were black actually. I’m kinda dissappointed and really sad for some reason too…


fuck it all, you’ve ruined my breakfast.


Sausage is the shape of cocks, so if you like to practice eating dick, sausage for breakfast is the way to go.


WAIT! I can mend this. Do not let the new-found knowledge of me being white ruin your meal. Let me offer this suggestion:

Sausage stuffed with egg and wrapped in bacon.

Eat it, and experience euphoria!


haha this thread is going places.

SRK - Black until proven otherwise.


black person eating some crunch berries atm.


Don’t start with this eggs and sausage shit, you know you’re going right for the fried chicken, corn bread, watermelon, and kool aid breakfast.


Where the hell is the JitB 2 taco’s for $1?! :confused:

They serve dat shit alllll day and errrrrrrrrryday son!! :cool:


How about neither bacon or sausage? Get yourself some Ham… Or make some pancakes? Maybe a waffle!

Hey I know… Here’s what you do, you find the nearest IHOP and get yourself some Banana Cream Stuffed French Toast with 2 eggs and ham and call it a day.

Oh and don’t hate on cereal! It can be nutritious and delicious! (AND CHEAP!!! Which we all know is super important to the vast majority of SRK who lives on 2 dollars a day)


Except for the part where ShinAkumaX is in Canada and we ain’t got Jack.


Dude, I don’t want to start something that cannot be stopped but it seems like you are suggesting that I might be black and, I’m not. There are no black people in Canada.


I take a step beyond the standard “Black until proven otherwise” mentality and believe that by becoming a regular on SRK GD, you become an honorary black man (regardless of race or sex).


Canadian Bacon. Another case, solved by Galactic.



granola and yogurt. if your gay. or a tree hugger hipster.


I’m pretty fond of dipping bacon into the yolks of eggs over easy, so definitely bacon. Honestly I’ve never really been that fond of sausage for breakfast. When I first found out that people sometimes soak their sausage in syrup (which sounds like a nasty innuendo) I was pretty disgusted. I’d imagine bacon is probably less bad for you than sausage too but I don’t really know.


then you dunno how to make cereal properly.
fucking Vector + fruit = win win win

if I’ve drank the night before, or wanna ‘impress’ a girl, fuck bacon and eggs. Omelets mother fucker

damn. I need to go buy some peameal bacon. That shit is without a doubt the most delicious meat besides perfectly cooked steak.

and Valaris: we dont have many good restaurants. I blame it on an overabundance of fucking Tim Hortons everywhere. They’ve gone from a cultural phenomenon, to a beginners restaurant. Any canucklehead with money who wants to start up a business, usually starts up a fucking Timmy’s. I live in the fucking capital of fucking Tim’s. We got the very first one, and there is literally a Tim’s every block, in my entire city. You never have to walk more than 5 minutes for a fucking Timbit