Breaking a ntfs hdd into ntfs and fat32

ok so i got a 1tb external hdd.yesderday i formated it to ntfs bc i had soem files that were over 4gb and fat32 doesnt let u have files over 4gb. i used to use this drive to watch stuff on the ps3. but i didt know that ps3 didt read i foudn out i can break the hdd into 2 parts ntfs and i can have half half. but how do i do this? im on windows xp.

the easiest way is with a program called partition magic.
i dont think you can partition a drive in windows xp without using Dos.

Ive post partitioned a drive in xp before. forgot which program i used though sorry, but keep looking at the partitioners at and you should find one that works. good luck!

Yeah, partition magic or any Ubuntu LIVE CD.

i used partition magic and it froze during the process idk y. now i have a hdd with corrupted partition. how do i recover it?

What version of Windows XP are you using, Home or Pro? I believe pro can easily delete and create new partitions without the need for other software.

just home ><. im afraid ima lose all the data i have in my hdd while recovering and creating the new partitions

There is a chance that you can recover whatever was on it, as long as you haven’t written anything to the drive since you lost the partitions.

HOWEVER, using things like Partition Magic (or any other partition editing tools) is VERY VERY VERY risky if you don’t know what you’re doing (as you’ve already discovered). /disclaimer

Ok, download a program called TestDisk:

I’m going to strongly recommend you read at least some of the documentation, so you have a basic idea of what the software does and what you’re trying to accomplish with it.

Extract the ZIP file into a folder, connect and power up your external drive, and in the “win” folder run the “testdisk_win.exe” either from a command prompt or from Explorer.

The first prompt asks about log files, just select the last option “No Log”. The next screen will show you all the hard drives the program found on your system. You should be able to tell which one is the external either based on the size (probably “1000 GB / 931 GiB” ) or the ID string at the end (which should identify the manufacturer and model number). So highlight that drive and select “Proceed”.

The next screen shows a list of partition table types that the program should look for, use the first one, “Intel” and hit enter.

Now you’re presented with a list of operations. You want to use the first one, “Analyse”, which will try and find any lost partitions on the drive. Hit enter again.

From this point you’ll have to just read the information and prompts very carefully on the screen, since I don’t have a drive in the same condition as yours to use as an example, but basically the software will search for any known partition types on the drive. Most likely, if the information hasn’t been overwritten, it will very quickly find the original NTFS partition on the drive and display it. I would then use the “P” option to list files to make sure that’s the partition you want to recover, you should see the files that were on the partition. Hit “Q” to return to the previous screen and then “A” to add that partition back. Once it’s finished searching, it will return back to the partition list screen, and you can now “Write” the information to the drive.

I think that’s the final step, and as long as everything went okay, you should be back at square one with a single NTFS partition on the drive.

Let me know how it went, and we’ll worry about shrinking and splitting it after.

Best way is still to back everything in the HDD before partitioning/reformatting.

Yeah obviously if you can, just copy the contents of the drive somewhere else first, then it’s just a simple matter of deleting the existing single partition and creating two new ones, then format one as NTFS and the other as FAT32 – however his issue is that he doesn’t have a copy of the data, and he’s trying to restore a deleted/damaged partition.

From what I’ve read, he still has the data and has yet to format/partition the drive.

^ this

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s Home or Professional, btw. Both versions have the same drive management tools. But that’s secondary at the moment – first we need to see if we can fix that corrupted partition! Otherwise he’s going to lose all the data on the drive.

damn when i got up to the part where u told me to press P. it said that cannot open file system file system seems damaged

well the data is still there. i used pc recovery tool to recover what i can in my pc. btu problem is my pc is only 80gb so not enough using my cuzins laptop for space which is windows 7 bc she has 150gb space.but problem is pc recovery wont detect the files i have in my hhd in her laptop but it will detect and recover the files i have in my pc which i dont have space for ><. what if i press logical instead of primary?

o wait now its analying it i think. theres a % number going up. i guess its location all the fils i have inside.this is gona take a while lol

Yes file system analysis takes a very long time, since the software needs to scan the drive sector-by-sector looking for any recognizable data. This is why data recovery is such an expensive and difficult process :wink:

Sounds like you’re on the right track though, hopefully you can rebuild the data back onto the drive itself, otherwise you’ll need to find another computer or hard drive with enough free space to copy/mirror everything on to.

Keep working at it, you’re learning a lot in the process :woot:

thnks alot man i really appreciate it.

well everythign finished. i pressed WRITE then it asked me to restart my pc. when i did it was doing some stuff to the hdd. i go to my computer i still dotn see the hdd :(. looks like im just gona have to find a software to recover the data int he hd then reformat. does any1 no the easiest one out there?

o shit never mind. it fixed it!!! i just hadd to add the letter thing on it. thnks alot man!!!. now next step is to break the partition into 2? but b4 i do that let me back up the important stuff on my cuzins laptop b4 something happens again lol

omg I’m so mad, I had a whole step-by-step written out on what you should do next, and the board timed-out on me and I lost it :crybaby:

So now it’s going to be the short version –

Once you’ve copied all the data off, use Windows Disk Management to delete the original single partition on the drive. Then create one partition (this should be the FAT32 one) whatever size you want, and create the second partition as NTFS. Windows won’t let you format a large drive as FAT32, so when it asks you, choose to not format the first partition. Then you’ll need to download this program:

So you can format it as FAT32.

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere, I can explain any of the above steps in a lot more detail if you need.