Breaking arcade sticks


How hard can I hit buttons, or swing the stick into the gate before i start doing damage? I got the madcatz SSFIV TE and while the controls seem super sensitive, I do tend to hit a bit harder than I need to do combos. I would like to think that sanwa parts would have some durability to them, I don’t want to break my new favorite thing.



The TE’s are built like tanks, I’ve dropped mine multiple times and have had it stepped on by my nephews and smashed the buttons and it still holds up strong. Trust me they’re pretty hard to break.


That’s all I needed to hear. Thanks for the quick response :D. Now I can play without fear.


Don’t expect to hold up after many episodes of across room rage throw and ground smash after losing a match.


yes it seems like a lot of arcade sticks can take a good deal of abuse. I was somewhat worried about this as well, but seeing how people have played with it I have no fear to hit it if I need to ahahah


I have no problems either. Just make sure you get a good one.
I also put the stick on a table without any serious button or stick pressure.

It is just that the front panel color wore off and the glue as well in one part.
Better cover it with a towel


I dropped a te several feet onto a concrete floor ball top down and its still going strong