Breaking Bad Habits

Hey guys Im trying to break a habit (not really to bad a one) and I need some help. How would you guys go about breaking a bad habit? Especially something addictive, like say gambling…
Also, plese feel free to share any (success)stories …

Is it Japanese hookers?

The only way to do it is to simply do it. Don’t accept any excuses from yourself. That’s basically how you keep bad habits going. I have the habit of staying up extremely late and then sleeping in late, ruining my day and basically wasting my time (can’t get much done when you wake up at 2 pm). Whenever its 3 am and I’m not even thinking of sleep, I always make an excuse “Alright, I’ll start sleeping properly tomorrow.” I basically just stopped (after many, many excuses). Don’t accept anything that stops you from doing what you should be doing and that will eventually become your habit. Good luck

Just slowly move away from whatever it is you want to get rid of. It really is mind over matter. Simple example; Last year I promised myself to not eat any more bacon. I used to have bacon and egg on a roll for breakfast at work everyday. In 2 weeks or so, instead of having it everyday, I had it every other day then afterward every 2 days etc until its completely out of my system. It actually help me overall; I’m more health-conscious now whenever I eat in fast food joints.

Good luck whatever it is you trying to get rid of.

Yeah I’m trying to curb my facebook usage. Removing it from my phone was a big step since now I wouldn’t be getting notifications wherever I went. Now I only check when I’m at home, which can still be a problem. So if I need to get actual work down on a computer I go to a lab at school even though I have almost everything at home. My productivity soars when I’m doing work away from home. I don’t risk logging on to anything and someone seeing something they aren’t supposed to.

Now the biggest habit I need to kick is procrastination. Excuse me while I do my taxes.

Replace it with another bad habit.

Also I haven’t done my taxes yet.

I just did them online with TurboTax. Great that MI is one of the states that you can file freely with now (if you meet the criteria). Now my returns are going to make for a nice birthday gift in two weeks.

first step is to admit that its bad. youre already justifying it before we can even help you. if its something you want to quit, then its gotta be bad. otherwise, why stop?:confused:

This guy has an addiction, not a bad habit. RoninDRE-X I imagine you’ve tried to quit several times on your own and can’t (which is why you resorted to asking strangers on the internet). You really need to get yourself in a treatment program like Gamblers Anonymous. Usually gambling addicts also have a drug problem as well, if that’s the case you need to get treatment for that as well. No one can help you but yourself.

lol i have a hard time going to sleep on time as well.

the worst part is, i’ll take a nap when i get home. sometimes i’ll skip the nap, thinking i’ll finally go to bed early, but nope. fail.

Thanks everybody for the advice I appreciat it.
By the way, so you don’t worry, the addicition is SF4 at the arcades, I lose too much and it’s really damn expensive here in Japan and I’m broke.
I will do my best to break the habit tho.

And no, it’s not Japanese Hookers.


Set a goal, write it down so you can see it in your room, and replace that habit with other habits. If you’re having issues spending money at the arcade, simply stop carrying cash around for a whlie. I had an issue with spontaneous purchases but I realized that if I left my debit/credit card at home. Definitely works!

Remember this saying: out of sight, out of mind.

When kids see candy, they immediately bug their parents to buy some. But if there’s no candy present, then they won’t ask for any. Try limiting how much cash you bring to the arcades, or bring none at all.

Also, try eliminating a habit by making a habit out of something else. It’s said that if you do something continuously for 21 days, then it becomes a habit.

maybe the bad habit is a way to escape a deeper problem you are too afraid to face

maybe you have to accept or overcome some part of yourself first

Played Persona 4 recently?

nope, im just deep like that

Usually bad habits come in a pattern.
For example, if you smoke, you may have a cig at the same time everyday.

So if you have a bad habit pattern, break it and it’ll change eventually.

Another way to break a habit is to stay away from things associated with your habit. If you want to quit smoking, don’t hang around smokers.

I have Broken a Bad Habit, by writing down, What I want, How to Get it, and What not to do. I Organized my thoughts first on Paper, and then did a little research on the matter. If you constantly remind yourself…NO then it gets easier. U just have to be firm, and when it gets really bad, then I distract myself with a Game, or a movie

I disagree as this seems like you’re just dodging and avoiding the issue instead of confronting it and fixing the problem at its root. If you’re only not spending because you don’t have the money on you, you’re not truly stopping your problem. You’re just preventing yourself from doing it. Next time you’re walking by a store and have money, you’ll spend. If you have the means to buy and make the conscience decision to not do so, then you’re really fixing the problem. This is why I always encourage people trying to lose weight to keep cookies and chips in their homes. When they’re hungry, look for food and see the junk. Decide not to eat it and reach for something healthier.