Breaking Bad Habits


I disagree as this seems like you’re just dodging and avoiding the issue instead of confronting it and fixing the problem at its root. If you’re only not spending because you don’t have the money on you, you’re not truly stopping your problem. You’re just preventing yourself from doing it. Next time you’re walking by a store and have money, you’ll spend. If you have the means to buy and make the conscience decision to not do so, then you’re really fixing the problem. This is why I always encourage people trying to lose weight to keep cookies and chips in their homes. When they’re hungry, look for food and see the junk. Decide not to eat it and reach for something healthier.


habits and addictions are completely different. thats like saying a cold and pneumonia are the same thing and the same treatments apply to both. the first, hardest, and most substantial step is always in overcoming denial, so figure out whether you have an addiction. they are not interchangeable terms, though an addiction is by definition a bad habit, a bad habit is not necessarily an addiction.
also, fivetwelve is totally right. subsitution or short term abstinence is not quitting and generally bad advice.


Lot of good advice here. Thanks guys.


a teacher of mine described habits as neural pathways in the brain that are stronger than others so if you’re not consciously trying to do something your mind will essentially flow in the path of least resistance. to stop this you need to stop using that neural pathway and the way he suggested this was every time you notice yourself doing this bad habit, stop what you’re doing and say out loud (or in your head) NO. i forget the number (roughly 13 irrc) but after a certain amount of time the pathway essentially atrophies or this ‘NO’ becomes part of that pathway, making it consciously clear you don’t like what you’re doing. the problem drug addicts have is that these pathways are so ingrained as direct connections to pleasure centers that its almost impossible for hardcore addicts to fully stop forever.

sorry if this was said already, too lazy to read em all.


replace with good habits.


I was a smoker for almost ten years, until I was finally able to quit about a 4 years ago. I went to Las Vegas with my friends and ended up getting a severe cold when I got back home. The cold in turn caused me to get bronchitis, so I had to stop smoking until I got over it. So for a few weeks I didn’t smoke. Once I got over the bronchitis, I thought to myself, “Hmm, I haven’t smoked for a few weeks now, why don’t I just keep going?”

I ended up not smoking for about a year, before I had a cigarette (in Las Vegas again, lol). I couldn’t get half way through it before I started feeling guilty and weak. For the next few weeks I started smoking occasionally, constantly reminding myself, “I almost rid myself of smoking, but I fucked up.” That negative thinking kept making me smoke.

And then one day I thought, “Damn, so what if I fucked up? I can just quit again.” And since then (3 years ago), I haven’t smoked a single cigarette.

If there’s one message that you can take from my experience is that it helps to rid yourself of negative self-talk, especially when you slip up. For example, if you slip up, don’t think that you’re weak. Instead, remind yourself that addictions are powerful, but can ultimately be overcome. Also understand that some habits will be battles that can last for a very long time. Even to this day I still fiend for a cigarette whenever I see or smell smoke.


Good and bad are relative concepts.

Replace the idea of it being a “bad” habit, with the the of it being a “good” habit.

Problem solved, and you didn’t even have to give up anything you enjoy.


I meant in terms of what is good or bad by that person’s definition of the two in a way that works for them. EX. you mean bad habit A). eating poorly all the time replaced by good habit B) eating poorly only some of the time is a less preferred solution to just thinking A) is the good habit and B) is the bad habit when the goal is to be healthier. The only reason to alter a habit is because of the goals attached.