Breaking Bad starts Sunday, March 8th on AMC


This show took so long to come back. :clapdos:

I fucking love this show… Bryan Cranston is so top tier. It’s been so long I almost forgot about it until i saw the commercial, HALLELUJAH!

With all the ridiculous TV shows on nowadays, Breaking Bad is that breeze of cool crisp air.

A dude with cancer who starts selling crystal meth in order to leave money for his family. So bad ass.

finally, loved the first run. that last ep was crazy badass.

I doubt anyone will get harmed, probably just a loyalty test. Awesome episode though.

Last episode was SOR:latin edition.

dammit why can’t AMC put their shows online like all the other networks. I’ve only seen like half of the first season and the season premiere was very good. the best part of show is figuring out which parts I laugh at are because they’re supposed to be funny and which are because I’m dead inside.

i dont know how to use spoiler tags
but shit was crazy
it seems like they’re really developing the cast as opposed to just walt and occasionally walt jr.

like this
spoiler from last night’s show


I was laughing for days when they pulled away that dude and his arm ripped off. :rofl:

did <spoiler=title of spoiler> text of spoiler </spoiler> just replace <> with []

Damn I missed it…

So then the new episode was



They do that drug deal with that crazy mexican or whatever and he goes off and punches that dude to death? I remember that’s where they left off season one but I wasn’t sure. LOL “Take a picture of me with ol stumpy, make sure you get the stump.” :rofl:

Episode 2, and 3 got leaked.

wuuuut im on that shit

thanks monte


[details=Spoiler]man when walt was in the kitchen and like was gonna rape skyler
shit was nuttttttss[/details]

Gotta watch this show now. I recognize a bunch of stuff from previews because they film it around where I live. Even my old chem classroom in high school. Maybe when I’m done with Dexter.

I really need to catch up with this show. I remember the commercials before it came out. I watched the premiere and a few episodes after but then I didn’t have t.v. for ages and it kind of just dropped off my radar. Glad to see it’s coming back for another season.

… I never heard about this show.

Ah damn, episode 4 was hard to watch. Amazing acting, and sad stories. :frowning:

brother got the dvd from the first season… i’ve seen the first few episodes. it’s okay… nothing compared to the wire.

Oh man some serious shit this episode!


[details=Spoiler] aka "Heisenberg might just be living up to his name. His naivety in regards to “spreading territory” is going to catch up with him and not only threaten his already declining life, but the life of his family. Those Mexicano Mobsters don’t fuck around!

I mean head on a tortoise- exploding tortoise (possible remote detonation)- mariachi bands. They don’t play around.[/details]

That landlord girl is so fine. I have a profound weakness for pure jet black hair and light eyes. :love: Jesse “Jackson” Pinkman is a lucky mofo!

All new season of [Br]eaking [Ba]d starts tonight @ 10 PM Eastern y’all!!!

Yeha yeah yeah yeah best show in TV MANG