Breaking Bad


Has anybody else been watching this show? I’m not the biggest TV fanatic but i caught the marathon of the first 3 episodes on one night and i was HOOKED from the first few minutes. There are 4 episodes out currently, each an hour long.

I missed last nights episode, but they show lots of reruns. For those interested in this show, the first two episodes are online on the website:

If you’re bored and/or have some time to kill, i implore you to check this show out. it will knock your socks off guaranteed.

some screen shots:


i know someone has seen this show.



I was bitching about this in the lounge thread. I just assumed I never found the thread before. This show is seriously HOT FIYA. It’s clever and poignant and dramatic without being over the top. What’s really cool is that so far I haven’t been able to predict what’s going to happen next. Not going to spoil anything, but you all need to watch this shit.
Comes on AMC sunday night 11pm EST and they show reruns throughout the week also.
Get on top of this shit.


lol i wanted to make a thread about this show, but i guess i didnt.


i hardly ever watch all these new shows that come out, but i really like this one.

cept i hate how they make the drug dealers look like they came off a disney show with outdated slang.


I saw the first episode of this, it looks GREAT.

Cranston is a legit comedic actor, Hal was the best character on Malcolm and he was very memorable as Dr Watley on Seinfeld. I caught it flipping through simply because I saw Bryan Cranston.

Too bad I never know when it’s on because the TV guide channel is now “E Gay Hollywood Stories” or some type of fashion show and I never watch AMC.


i concur, watching this show is seriously like a cinematic experience. the dark comedy and constant twists, i can’t get enough of this show.

haha same with me, one of my favorite actors. this is definitely some of his best work, i can’t wait to see what they do with this series.

:rofl::rofl: yeah, i just downloaded episode 4 on the pirate bay, and the other episodes are quite accessible (and fucking AMAZING).

another thing i love about this show is SO MUCH has happened in the first few episodes that it sets the stage for all of the chaos and hilarity to ensue.


I’m interested in this show, but I missed the first 3 or 4 episodes and I still have to finish season two of Dexter.


damn good show.


Just watched the first ep. It’s bizarre seeing the high school I went to in the show. I had a class in the engineering classroom where Walter teaches.

Excellent show. sucks about the whole writers strike thing. Also, where can I see the uncensored versions and are they much different?


Damn I’m loving this show so much!

Shit’s getting serious!!! It’s funny how Walt is going down the classic road to a mob boss just by necessity alone.





Fantastic episode. The ending was so messed up.


Been watching this show every week. It’s so good. Walter’s transformation is so real and I find most of the characters interesting.


Yes it’s eerily real for a situation so obscure.

Oh and yes, even secondary characters like Skyler I find interesting.

Oh and especially Jane, sucks that she’s now…


i have watched every episode so far and it’s pretty much the best show


why hasn’t this shiz been bumped? season premiere is RIGHT NOW for east coast peeps and later at 10 in the west. watch this shit!


totally forgot about this thread, but i am super hyped for the season premiere.

it doesn’t get much better than a chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer who turns to a life of drug dealing crystal meth to leave something behind for his family.

bryan cranston FTW


wish that dead chick would come back from the dead, she was hot


There’s like 3 different threads for this show, I recently bumped the other one.


3 Million?!

[details=Spoiler] After 2 insane seasons Walter finally admitted it to his wife, a quiet but powerful moment.

White’s monologue to the students was one of the most uncomfortable scenes I’ve ever seen on television. Hilarity indeed.

Those contract killer dudes are no freaking joke, this is gonna be a helluva season![/details]



OH SHIT! The doublekill twins now have a name! [/details]



I think the Principal lady will try and hit on Walt this seasons, they were kinda setting up for it last season.

Still the best show on cable tv.


Freaking miss the episode. Anyone have any links available?