Breaking Cinematic Ultras


I just got finished with [media=youtube]NadAipFN6_A"[/media] which features a few of these so I figured now is a good time to post about it.

Many Ultras in sf4 are a mix of the autocombo final justice type move and just a regular juggle.
The autocombo parts have a lot of potential for screwing up. Sf4 tries to avoid it by making these ultras uninterruptable but that has consequences too.

The oldest known way to break them happens when you trade with Bison’s ultra in the corner. You can see a good example of it at the start of this [media=youtube]wpiksJLyCYA"[/media]
Basically the main character stops but the autocombo caused a strange hit reaction that causes very long stun for the dummy.
[media=youtube]NadAipFN6_A#t=1m2s"]Fei Long, C. Viper, and Rufas ( on both Superand Ultra see [) all have examples of this.

A Ken only method that I found is the opposite of the above Bison glitch. Instead of knocking the main character out of the autocombo it [media=youtube]zPmlYVQltGI"]knocks the dummy out]("/media). This leads to a very bizarre glitch because ken will finish his ultra no matter what. [A third recently found method is if the opponent becomes dizzy during the autocombo.
smileymike101 shows it with Seth [media=youtube]b9DUMRWzPrE#t=10m15s"]here
and in the first video I show the more complex setups to do it with Ken and Sakura. It’s fairly easy to explain, the ultra’s don’t care what the opponent is doing, if they start, they’re not programed to stop. It also suggest that last few hit’s of kens ultra are not an autocombo because they miss on a dizzy opponent. I have no idea why [URL=“”[/media]

So what do you think, did Capcom program the correct way to handle these complex situations? I know if i were a Guile player I would prefer his ultra to be an autocombo, and Sagat players would love to juggle their ultra in the corner.


Whoa, it’s crazy how many different cases of this are possible, not to mention all the different methods to achieve them. Nice research sir. Nominated!


cool indeed! :tup:


Pretty fantastic. This is epic level QA.

Obviously, they didn’t plan for the game to break like this. If they find out about these, mayhaps they’ll tighten up the code in Super to make it less ker-broken when this stuff happens.

Also, World of Goo tune was epic.


Well some of them are straight up glitches,altough my favourite one, the Fei Ultra intrerrupt on the second hit might not be an accident,as it puts fei at like 30-40 frames of advantage.It seems it puts kind of in the same state as rufus’ 2nd hit of the super.Maybe Capcom are laughing their asses off right now, being like:“It took them a year to find this!HAha!”


Very good article indeed, until you pointed all of these out, I only thought one or two existed…also nominated

The Rufus big hitstun is not an accident, it’s there so he has time to hop over and do the 3rd hit…the accident is that he’s not invincible during his super…but I’m not sure how many supers have full invincibility, aside from Zangief’s ('cause it’s a big fat throw.)

Same for fei long, but it’s not as noticeable when you actually land the full Ultra, 'cause then it zooms in and the character has a goofy face before Fei Long starts to beat the crap out of them again.

As far as my opinion - I think it’s more interesting to have them interrupted - though they shouldn’t be as goofy and unintentional looking like Sagat’s 2 hit corner Ultra finish (or 0 hit, or not-even-bother-to-uppercut Rose), or Bison’s twitchfest…I just don’t like the idea of a character being invincible during a CRAZY CINEMATIC ZOOMED IN CAMERA FLIPPING combo; it breaks the pacing of the game, whereas if you do an ultra with a fireball still on screen, you might be waiting in anticipation to see if it will hit your character, and if this will allow you to follow up with something.

Obviously I do think they should have some invincibility at startup, and some are better than others with this.


Impressive stuff. That said, man… Check out the damage scaling on stuff like Fei’s Ultra-interrupted combo and Chun’s combo in Desk’s video. The full Ultra does about as much damage as a single jab. I wonder if they’ll keep that in SSF4.


that was kind of the point of the Fei combo, It’s not everyday you see a super do 10% damage. Scaling based on remaining life bothers me but I understand the rest of the scaling. It’s all a matter of how powerful you think the Akuma loop and the Balrog ex upper loop should be.
Rufas ,and Viper ultras are not really autocombos, but as a result they cause strange things to happen. So ether you have a normal juggle move that causes weird hit stun or you have autocombo glitches


knowledge from hex editing on PC version:
yeah those ultras like Ken’s which are an autocombo function like a throw internally, they have a “damage” animation. In Ken’s case, it is “UC_REPPA_DAMAGE”, which compared to ken’s throws he also has a “THROW_F_DAMAGE”. both of these animations are played by the opponent as they’re getting hit by the respective attack while ken plays another anim, UC_REPPA_1… in the case of the throw, “THROW_F_ATTACK”.

btw this would indicate that his ultra was originally intended to be perhaps a shoryureppa ultra


I don’t think it’s an issue. It’s not like any of this (that I’ve seen) would really affect a regular match. It’s just cool to know. I mean, none of the scenarios I’ve seen thus far are really ever going to happen.


I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the [media=youtube]bB3NBvG9YqY[/media] one yet, where Akuma flies through the air on purple fire and gets dropped on the ground.

How to do: Corner Akuma, and have Bison do his Ultra while Akuma throws a light air fireball. If all goes well, you’ll see Akuma float up on his own.

Simple explanation, really. Bison is still vulnerable during the Ultra animation, and when Akuma knocks him out of the Psycho Crusher part of his Ultra, Akuma still goes through the damage animation for it.


uhm…it’s in the OP, he says it’s the first one in desk’s video, which he links to. it’s just done with rose’s slow ass ground fireball.