Breaking guard


Hey guys,

Im new on the forum, i have just created this account to ask you a couple of things that is bothering me on street fighter.

I have been playing for 2 month already on my work office and everyone here likes very much to fight each other. So i noticed that there are two people here that it is too hard to ‘break’ their crouch defense. I try to jump and kick but they usually stand up fastly and defend.

Does anyone know any material that i could study and practice to force my opponents open their guard ?

I am trying to get better with cody now, i have played ken, fei long and juri before but i am really excited about cody.

Could someone help me?

Its really nice to have somewhere to discuss things about street fighter!

Thank you all very much




  • Occassional overheads
  • mix up your hit-confirm into throw patterns
  • cross them up on your jump-in
  • empty jump into a low short
  • empty jump into throw
  • empty-jump cross up into a low short
  • instant overhead after jump-in (risky, character-specific, and not every player has one)


welcome to SRK

newbie questions = newbie dojo

try reading the stickies there, you’ll find a lot of resources for new players

good luck


that frame trap video was insightful.


Watch the other ones on their channel, rly good