Breaking In Arcade Stick Buttons


So my buttons, Sanwa clear ones, on my Qanba Q4-RAF Limited Edition, squeak and have a bit of resistance when pressed slowly, or certain angles.

Do I need to ‘break in’ the buttons, or is there a problem with them?

I’ve sent a couple of emails to Qanba support and there advice was to send my stick to them so they could send the buttons to Sanwa, as evidence for this problem as a recurring one.

I would rather not send away my first and only stick if there is a possibility of a different solution.


WD-40 for the win.

I ran into this when mounting buttons in a metal panel with holes that were just a C-hair too small. When I dremeled out the mounting holes just a tiny bit more I didn’t notice the resistance anymore.

Sometimes it seems to me that Sanwas just ‘feel’ different when mounted in metal, plastic, and wood panels…

It seems that all the Sanwa Clear have squeak.
Not just in Qanba Arcade Stick.

Yeah from my research it seems so…