Breaking into a New Fighting Game

Hello Everyone:

I have recently begun to get into the competetive world of FGs recently and decided its time to finally buckle down learn this game. I’m a bit of noob to most Capcom fighters, but I’m not a complete noob to fighters in general. I’ve been playing mostly MK and Injustice(IGAU) for a good while, so I know I have some of the basics needed to learn this game and take it further, but I know the game’s system is very different form the MK and IGAU. I understand SF is more about charge moves and QC, and HC moves, as compared to IGAU and MK’s more simplistic inputs and I understand the combo system is very different. My question is if anyone would be willing to help push me in the right direction to finally get started.

For the times I have played SF I can say a few things, I use a stick typically, don’t see any other way IMO, and the characters I typically always used when I play have always been CHun Li and Cammy, not sure how good these two play on a higher level, but hey its where I started, pretty sure I’lle start picking up on others, so any advice is welcomed.

I’m just warming up after 10 years out of streetfighter and doing ok. If you need an average player to spar against, feel free to add me on Xboxlive if you play SFIII of SFIV, tag: TooFarSouth

I’de appreciate, but unfortunately I’m only on PSN, thank you for the offer though. I’m getting into SSF4 AE more, because I feel that soon IGAU is gonna much of its hype, we are already hearing some insanity about how one character has broken the game’s mechanics and well, I still wanna compete, besides SF was the first FG I ever played.

Yeah I’ve heard alot of talk of imbalance in the injustice community. It may be pointless advice, but in the settings on Injustice you can actually set up the controls to “alternate” so that they’re more QCF and HCF based, rather than just directional. Might help you juggle both games a bit easier?

I’m kinda used to both control systems, the imbalences they speak of are strange, because I haven’t had nearly the same issues that many speak of. Now I am no pro, but I always figure how to get around things, also many of the issues have been addressed. Right now though I see the argument, Scorpion comes from a game with a block button, which makes almost any cross-ups null, but when you place his abilities in a game with a B2Blk system it almost breaks it, especially when the abilities speed is so fast it almost impossible to read. He can throw this teleport punch that crosses up and is blockable by simply ducking, but when he meter burns it makes it less blockable and the move highly spammable. Also given his unblockable hellfire attack which makes the match a complete guessing game with impossible reads. Hell I use one of the most under rated characters in the game too(Hawk Girl)

Anyway I’m not ditching IGAU or MK I just simply am ready to revisit my true passion of SF and now that I have some exp. under my belt and noticed I starting to get better time to learn something new.

Cammy is broke because her EX divekick is really good (+14 on block when done low to the ground), her normals are super solid, her left-right mixups off a backthrow are true 50/50’s, she has moves that go through fireballs, and her uppercut is solid.

Don’t play Chun unless you love losing to people worse than you.

Go to the Cammy subforums for SF4.

Hey if you want someone to train with you can add me, ive been playing a lot of injustice but want to hit up street fighter also. I’m not very good at the moment but am practicing a bit to get better. I main hawkgirl in injustice too, she just got some new skins. PSN: jwetzel22

Yeah, as a Chun main, I’d say put off learning her til later if you can. Given her tools and position in SF4, you really have to be much better than the other guy and be very consistent with execution/play virtually perfect each time to win consistently. If you’re starting out, Cammy isn’t so bad of a choice.

Here’s the Chun subforums if you are still interested, however.

Cammy subforums:

@jwetzel22: I’lle send you request I main Hawkgirl as well along 2nding many others, I can show you quite a bit on IGAU.

Thanks for the advice on Chun and Cammy, Cammy sounds like a beast. I just stuck with Chun because she is just a character I have always played since SF2 when I was kid. If anyone wants to add me and hit me up on either AE, MK9, or IGAU, just add me The-Spore666…

Again thanx for your advice.

I recognize you from TYM!

Well, I’m in the same position as you now… only I’m on the 360 and I use a pad. I’ve been playing Ryu and a little bit of Sagat and it’s been going pretty well. Combos aren’t too hard aside from the god forsaken links

Yeah I go by the exact same name on TYM. Links are what are kicking my ass in this game, sure I can apply much of my experience from NRS games, but you use more chains than links in those games SF is just a lil more difficult.

I feel like this is one of those things that plagues a lot of lower level players like myself. After I’m done with a game’s initial tutorial and I select my character, I’m totally confused on how to proceed properly or even when it’s ‘okay’ to hop Online. I just picked up Yun in Third Strike - which is a hard ass game, might I add - and beyond learning his normals and special moves, I have no idea what I should be doing next before I take him to the streets.

Anyway, I digress. I just started playing SSFIVAE seriously to, so maybe I could add you so we can play in the future.

I would play AE if there was no execution barrier.

Your more than welcome to add me I am very interested in learning AE more, The-Spore666

Play Balrog.

Well last night I strated mesing with Cammy and Ibuki, I think I am still gonna learn Chun li, just not until I ahave more down with these other two, I like Ibuki’s speed and I like Cammy quite a bit as well. I really do wanna learn more about this game, because as it stands I just don’t see NRS fighters having such long life spans.

I just started playing again and I put in Capcom vs marvel and I couldn’t believe how difficult it is to fight I put in a hyper combo into a special then in the middle of the special the other player activated special and then put me into a combo killing me.

My biggest issue I am having is that in AE I have issues getting links to work for me, I too used to using pre-set chains and large juggles, I just can’t gasp on doing any juggles in this game. I guess I just lack a lot practice. IGAU and MK9 taught me much about spacing and poking, but now I have to retrain my brain into a new set of fundamentals. I love the tech throws and I love that I can use a focus attack to either break through attacks. This game has so many more new ways to utilize strategy. That’s a good thing!

Currently breaking into P4U at the moment. Run through the tutorial, spent a long time in training and challenges, kind of get it but… definitely not ready for online. I played a lot a SF as a kid, grew up with world warrior etc so picking up up SFIV after a long absence was not so much of a learning curve.

But these “air dash” anime fighters (Guilty Gear, Blaze Blue, P4U) have forced a brain reset. Really enjoying P4U but I have a long way to go.

Well I know I’ve been quite absent lately, just been quite buys with life and Injustice lately, but I have finaly found the character that seems to fit me well in AE, Juri. Not exactly what I was expecting