Breaking news, Katsuhiro Harada missing from his office


In a recent tweet from hatsuhiro harada’s twitter account, the tekken project staff has stated on his twitter that he has been missing from the office for about a week. Right now The team is searching for him. More news will be updated of harada-san’s whereabouts. if you guys got any info. post them up. Here is the tweet that was posted on harada’s twitter account


mishima corp clearly did it.


He’s dodging niggas w/ TxSF questions…


kidnapped by Ono?


He’s a short guy, maybe he’s hiding in a cupboard?


A man goes missing for a week and the breaking news comes from Twitter!?

That confirms it. No one cares about Tekken.


What a bad news.


Heihechi did it.


You guys sure this isn’t a publicity stunt?


He must have used B 1+2 while in meditation stance.


I smell E3


In the event that one of my family does indeed go missing, I will make sure to alert twitter asap. Thank you internets!


That would be one dumb publicity stunt. I like how nobody’s taking it seriously though.


Those tweets needed to drop as many identifiers to Tekken as possible so people know where to go at E3 or something.

Funny that he just wanted to be by his lonesome on Stream for a while.


Whenever Japanese people go missing it is usually because they’ve become obsessed with the world of virtual idols.
Tekken x Idolm@ster for Evo.


Either he shows up with some bitchs and a cool limo entrance at E3 or this guy got scooped up by the DOA peeps.


Knowing the Mishima Corp, I’d say start checking Mountain Fuji and shit :coffee:






Yeah, it seems even the “Tekken Team” or whatever isn’t taking it seriously either.


Well, with his whole stance on not putting paid DLC that effects the balence between players in competetive games, it was only a matter of time until Capcom and EA forked out on a hit squad, especially with E3 just around the cornerw.

Harada is obviously holed up in a net cafe somewhere using a false name and heavy disguise and will make a bid to flee the country whilst his pursuers are busy with E3 over the weekend.