Breaking The Bank w/ Wolverine




“Please understand that the combos you see in this video is not the most damage you can get and is not the only way to get this kind of damage. Use this as a way to understand damage/hit stun scaling and open your mind to new combos with under used/unexpected characters.”

I would like to see the ways people can break 1mil w/ Wolverine as point with out DHC,THC,TAC, X-factor, or Hard tagging. Please post the creativity here.


so what’s the point of all this exactly? in the video you mention that the less meter used the better, but you used 4 bars in every combo. that, and the fact that j.S was the starter for each combo, means they aren’t practical; especially considering you can get over 1 mil for two bars with a st.LMH starter. but maybe i’m missing the point. could you explain better?

also, the first combo you missed out on some damage by using H tornado claw instead of its light version; H tornado claw will often position the opponent in a way that causes fatal claw not to hit fully. and, yes, the combo still works using L tornado claw both times. it may be a little harder, but still easy enough to pull off online.


I don’t know if you are being a troll or if you really don’t understand the point. If it wasn’t for the fact that the internet is infested with trolls I wouldn’t even have that thought. If you read what I wrote on the bottom of the video you should understand. One thing is a lot of people don’t know you can combo his level three like that.The meter thing I said, well there is nothing wrong with what I said. If someone made a video using less meter then thats better. I know more ways to break a mil, ways that a lot of people haven’t seen but I’m not looking to take up all of the wolverine material. This is all for fun and to see what cool things people can come up with. If you are not trolling, I’m sorry for getting the wrong idea, I’m just sick of trolls .


so this thread is all for fun? i see…in other words this thread is useless. besides, combo creation is the least fun aspect of playing wolvie.


You are just another troll. I don’t think you have the right to tell people what is fun or not. The only relevant thing you wrote was how to get more damage, everything else is you trying to put down the thread. Just go to another thread instead of wasting both are time trolling.


okie dokie.


wolvie can break 1 mil easy, fatal claw loop already does that


I’m just showing that thats not the only way to break 1 mil. Plus a lot of people don’t know that. They don’t even break a mil on streams when wolverine is the last one and they have the meter. I just know that wolverine needs three bars minimum to break a mill. If you know how to do it for less please make the vid or type it out (if you type it out make sure it breaks a mill in training mode to avoid being harassed by other users). Thats why I made the thread, its all about breaking 1mil w/ Wolverine as point with out DHC,THC,TAC, X-factor, or Hard tagging.


I don’t think the OP has seen fatal claw loop before. Plus there’s not too many times in a match where Wolvie is going to have 4 meters and have someone in the corner.


This is a combo video, understand that and look at the combo. Instead of level three I could have did another fatal claw. To anyone that views this thread please read text on the bottom of the video before posting.


This thread is starting to make me think Wolverine players are not really bright.


if he has both assists available, he only needs two bars to break a mil.; and this is off a cr.L sarter and not a j.S.


Thats it, I’ve been keeping quiet this whole time cause I figured you were trying to help, but screw it, this fool comes in here and says we aren’t bright, you ever stop to think that maybe the reason why no one gives a flying shit about your video is because of how painfully irrelevant it is? You post a video showing us how to “break the bank” whilst expending 4 freaking bars and you wonder why no one is giving you high 5’s and patting you on the back?

Sure your teaching people wolverine can cancel his upper cut into lvl 3, but why not just post this in the combo thread? Why create its own thread? And then get all offended and insult us when no one give a shit?


wolvie actually only need 2 meters. assuming you optimize it.


Cause I have to deal with people that don’t read like you. This thread is all about breaking a mil in what ever ways people can come up with that character and some assist (nothing else), I put that in the video and at the bottom of the video. I have to read people telling me that I don’t know about loops, that this is a wast cause I use four bars, only works when your at the wall, the best one this is not good for real use in a match. If I get more of stuff like that, well yes I’m going to think less of the players. Look at what you just did there. Did you read any of these posts, I think not cause you got the idea that I’m being a jerk for no reason. The most relevant post to my video is Denzos “wolvie actually only need 2 meters. assuming you optimize it.”. Look if people don’t like the thread then be nice and leave it, not burden the guy that made the thread. It can one be irrelevant to someone that would know everything about wolverine or at lest what I show. I had people tell me they like the video cause I showed them something new, in person or on xbox but in this thread it just gets put down. I’m going to make another video cause from other forms and people talking it seems I can still show them thing with wolverine they don’t know. Why, because that is what I want to do in the FGC. Help people, and show them things they didn’t know, my channel proves that. I’m still human and after reading some troll post, I going to get upset. As long as people get helped I’m going to look past all the stupid post.


Thanks for being the most relevant post in my thread. I would like to know the combo if you’re cool with posting the video or type it out.


its corner only. although just by doing the loops itself twice can bring you very close to 1 mil. you just have to maximize the dmg during your first air combo.
j.:s: s.:h: s.:s: sjc j.:h: x Drill Claw x j.:h: x Drill Claw x dive kick (land) s.:h: s.:s: sjc j.:m: j.:m: j.:l: j.:h: j.:s:. (land) OTG slide +assist -> :dp::l: x Fatal Claw (land) :dp::l: x Fatal Claw. if you can get the timing down, you can do a third fatal claw, i found that doing the medium tornado claw makes the third fatal claw easier to land.

i know the combo typed out above isn’t very practical considering it starts with j.:s: and s.:h:. i was just optimizing it. with the standard standing light medium heavy series it does very close to 1 mil. around 980k i believe.


i’ve already mentioned this twice in this thread:


you don’t get it. this is the opposite of helpful for those aspiring to one day play this game at a higher level than that of a casual player.


I thought you said you were going to leave. I’m just showing people new things, you don’t have the right to say its the opposite of helpful. If someone says it helped them then it helped someone. If its the air S into srk by the wall in combo #2 or the srk into lvl 3 which helps him get the most damage in a solo lvl 3 combo. Look at some point your trolling is going to turn into harassment. If you don’t like the thread you don’t have to post.


Its more practical then you think. Most in coming mix-ups are based around fear (the thought of the person not pushing a button and just blocking).Coming in with the air S can give you that combo. Noel Brown would say on stream that the person should have came in with a button. What most people don’t pay attention to is that sometime the more hits equals less damage, so using less lights can help you get more damage. People would still do do s.L,s.M,s.L,s.H its good for hit confirms or block strings but not damage. One other thing people do is crouching LMHS when standing gives more damage for each button.