Breaking the habit: EX legs for everything

Hi I am a mediocre Chun-li player on PSN and from recording my matches I have discovered that I’ve developed some pretty bad habits while playing online.
Some of these would include:

  • c.short, c.short, EX legs against a BLOCKING opponent
  • not ending poke strings with c.short, c.short, c.jab, s.fierce
  • forgetting to cancel c.fierce with short hsu
  • mashing out EX legs against block strings
  • forgetting to anti-air with df.short -> ultra2

I’m sure everyone falls into these patterns while playing Chun but what do you do to fight against these bad habits? Any feedback would be helpful as I am sure many others have these problems to overcome as well.
Please help me come up with ways to brainwash myself into a more non-scrubby playstyle so I can play competitively!

I post videos of my chun on my youtube channel often so if you need video references please leave comments for me!

Thanks for any help. Lets play, learn and improve together! :woot:

For starters, try using normal attacks, such as:
cr.short, cr.jab, cr.jab,, kikoken as a block string

c.short, c.jab, st.jab, st.hp as a combo

and maybe do this once in a while as a pressure string:
cr.short, cr.jab,, hasanshu

Thats a great idea. I can totally picture my hands doing that first block string. I’ll just need to practice a bit to get it into muscle memory.

That second one is always tricky on the timing for the st.fierce. Any tips on how to get the timing right? My friend tells me to piano it but its awkward pressing two buttons instead of one for a single attack… throws me off a bit. Maybe its just me.

Hit confirming this kind of thing is fairly important, but can take a while. Go into training, put the dummy on random block and practice only doing EX legs when the cr.lks hit. Don’t get too annoyed if it takes a while, just practice it when you’re practicing other combos.

as pointed out, you want to end with c.jab, instead. From mp you can do kikouken, or hasan shu, or just walk up a bit and do far mp again. once your oponent starts blocking after the mp, try dash up throw, or dash up, crlk and hit confirm the EX legs.

Not sure what the context for this is, but it just sounds like a practice thing.

Patience and play time. Can’t really do anything about it besides play the game and try not to.

Are you anti-airing with something else, or not at all? Because I gotta say, reliably spacing and timing properly isn’t that simple. You could try going into training mode, and recording a Ryu dummy with a stuttered pattern like fireball, jump hk, fireball, fireball, jump hk, jump hk, and try to antiair the jumpins and either focus or hasan shu the fireballs.

One thing you can do is go into an endless and try to focus on fixing ONE thing. Having too many things in your head can make you forget all of them, but if you focus on fixing one thing, hopefully it becomes a habit and you can do it without thinking too much about it. So once you’ve gone into practice mode and messed around, play some matches and just try and focus on that one thing. You’ll probably lose (since you’re missing all of the other things you should be doing), but with luck, you’ll learn something :).

np, I’ll give the videos a look when I’m not supposed to be working :).

i just started chun 2 days ago and those things you listed are things i do too LOL.

The fastest way to lose the EX Legs mashing habit is to forget about EX Legs for a while. Try playing without it for a week, pick U1 if it reduces the temptation. Once you’re comfortable without it, you can reintroduce it to your game without relying on it.

I’d suggest playing offline for a while in training mode. You tend to get more emotionally invested in online matches (wanting to win), and you’ll tend to fall back on old habits instead of taking risks by trying new things. You need to practice to develop new habits and muscle memory for combos.

Break the EX legs habit? Turn off your EX meter! Practice anti-air? Record jump-ins and practice countering them. Try lots of different things, not just the first one that works. When you think you’ve made some improvements, play through arcade mode once or twice. Then go back to online matches and you should see better results.

Agree with the others :slight_smile:
i want to add : Bad habits come with fear i think. You need to lose this fear.

Accept the lose, accept to lose stupidly, accept the throw, accept to miss your combo, try to never do combo even on hit just to feel how hit confirm works
When you will don’t care about all of this anymore, you will play differently i think.
With no fear, it more easier to read your opponent, to understand what is his plan.

You don’t need to be a skilled player, you have to understand what is going on first. You have also to understand sometimes you can be put in situation where all your options are bad no matter what your level is.

While i talk to you i know i have bad habits. i forget stand mp, i forget kikoken, i tend to let my opponent approach me easily in fact, i eat overhead ALL DAY, i watch the focus level 3 movie xD, i sweep focus

Thanks you guys. All this has been very helpful! It will take a few days to implement what you guys have taught me, but it will be worth it.

@robotic elf: You are right. When playing video games and for life in general, sometimes you need to focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to tackle all of it at once… those are wise words you speak :slight_smile:

@ohiocat110: That is an interesting idea to turning off super-bar. I never thought of that one!

@c_nul: hahaha eating focus bait all day is also a bad habit of mine although I’ve recently come to recognize it after my friend punished me a couple…thousand times :stuck_out_tongue: What works surprisingly well is while up close instead of sweeping i changed it to c.fierce. Its so much better because you can cancel into roundhouse legs with it. Although for me, its also one of those things where I know what to do, but just forget to do it :slight_smile:

Nailed it on the head. A lot of people are stuck in a rut because they’re afraid to try something different and perform worse in the process.

Training mode and experiment:
Everything everyone said on here is 100% A+ quality advice but dont’ forget to experiment and be creative, a lot of players are adjusted to chun’s playstyle and a lot of it online is used, reused, and barrowed so make sure you come up with your own variance. Have a little fun and create your own mix up mind games and use what works for you and the situations your in. You’ll be fine, practice, practice, practice.

Another thing about dropping that ex legs business, learn the jab > fierce link and use that for a while, 'til you learn to fight the urge to mash. It’s meterless and puts you in a decent position for footsies.
Also, think about the value of saving for super.
It worked for me. Now, when I find myself thinking about mashing the fellowship’s voice rings in my ear saying, “really? People can see your inputs now, I am dissapoint.”

Screw that noise. Mash EX Legs all day. It works!

On a serious note, I found it more helpful to confirm with 3 hits when trying to open an opponent up instead of two . Example: cr. short, cr. jab , cr. short is pretty good for confirming and at any point I can go for cr. short, cr. jab , st. fierce instead if I want to save meter/don’t feel like mashing. Cr. short x 3, walk up, repeat over and over lets you get a decent read on somebody’s defense. It always surprises me how many people seem to let their guard down after 2 cr. shorts and end up eating the 3rd one…