Breaking the thumb

So I never had this issue playing in arcades way back in the day, mostly cuz of the straight button layout I think. hadnt played fighting games seriously in like 10 years except casual games with friends on playstation and such on pad.
Been playing about half a year now again on my ps3 in SSF4 and MvC3 mainly on a TE stick and noticed I’ve developed a “thumb” problem. I always seem to hit my short button with my thumb as it just seems to naturally rest over that button on the stick.(Whether I use the first six or last six buttons on the stick)
In Marvel it’s okay but in SF instead of moving my three fingers from the top three to the bottom three I’m using my thumb and first two fingers on the bottom three buttons, and it totally throws off my combos and timings, specially switching between the two games.

Besides just sitting in training mode and practicing are there any other tips I may not be thinking of to break my thumb habit? Just curious :slight_smile:

I use my thumb for throws and focus attacks, but if using your thumb is a bother for you, get some athletic tape and tape your thumb to your palm and play like that. I use all 4 fingers and my thumb when I play, but I have a background in Bass Guitar…thats it, grab a bass and join a band, not only will you improve your game play (remember Desk is a Bassist) but you get to sleep with the girls the singer and guitar player does not want :wink:

Your only option is to either tape your thumb to the inside of your hand, so that you’re forced to use your fingers. Or you can just simply learn to use your thumb to press the ‘short’ button. There’s nothing wrong with that, plenty of top players use their thumbs to press short, it reduces the amount of time that you need to move your hand around, and for some, they’re able to react to their opponents quicker when their hands remain stationary.

Yeah I figured as much. Just didnt know if anyone had some “useful tips” or went through something similar. Using my thumb isnt an issue in marvel but like I said when I switch to SF4 is kind of throws me off :D. Taping my thumb wouldnt work because like Jasin I do use it for throws and focus attacks. I just need to practice practice practice and get that muscle memory in gear :smiley:

or pick a spot to anchor your thumb to, or with out the game on do drills with the buttons not using your thumb

lol i do this too. I sort of got used to it, but i find myself sometimes switching from my thumb to my finger at times. Doesn’t bother me tbh.

This happens to me every once in a while, you could maybe try switching your short button to something less sensitive than an OBSF30?

funny you should mention that. Ive been waiting on LL to get some seimitsu PS-14-GNCs back in stock in the colors I want.