Breaking throws on reaction in SF4

How can I practice this? It seems that throw escapes are the weakest part of my game right now.


I’d practice crouch tech first; I find that just spamming throw increased my reaction speed. You can also set the computer to tick throw you and not teching till you see the movement.

Learn to tech them, and then you’ll never have to

Constantly use throw when fighting other people. You’ll start noticing the required timing for throw breaks and common situations.

…are you serious? What do you think he’s asking?

You’ll start getting used to when people are going for a throw as you play more. Some people make hiccups in their chains and then you know they’re going for one.

It’s easier on predictable opponents but it’s partly a guessing game elsewhere.

Thanks for all the ace advice!

Another noob question: How do I crouch tech?

LP and LK while crouching.

to elaborate on my last post…

Don’t wait for you opponent to throw. By the time his throw connects, you will not be able to break from it. You have throw at all possible times. This might sound stupid but it helped me implement throws into my standard gameplay (In any game) with minimal drawbacks. Throws are one of your high priority options and they should be used like one.

learn the crouch tech. Its one of the easier option selects in the game and it helps me out a lot

hold down back and press lp and lk

if the person tries to throw you, youll tech it
if not youll hit them with lk

learn the crouch tech. Its one of the easier option selects in the game and it helps me out a lot

hold down back and press lp and lk

if the person tries to throw you, youll tech it
if not youll hit them with lk

learn the most opportune time that for a throw, because your opponent does. it took me some time to figure this out but now it’s like a ballet because when both players are on the same page, the tech is a beautiful thing.

examples of when to tech:

-if you jump in and your opponent walks underneath…get ready to tech.
-if you walk under an opponent if they misjudge their jump in…get ready to tech
-if they jump in with something that hits early…get ready to tech
-if your opponent throws out one or two (three if it’s ken and that cotdamn kara throw) crouching jabs and you block them successfully…get ready to tech
-after successfully blocking an FADC’d shoryu…get ready to tech
-after specific moves per character…get ready to tech (ex: dhalsim’s slide, claw’s rh.jumpkick-thingy, blanka’s jab ball, etc.)

so yeah, the more you play, the more you’ll see when to throw, when you should expect one, and when it’s the most viable and safest option.

That’s the idea at least. Some people never learn though.

I also want to note that breaking throws on reaction doesn’t work at all in SF4. You’re better off MASHING lp+lk while crouching at every moment where you think your opponent might throw you.

This, I mean you can tech people on reaction if you know how they play but then it’s not really on reaction is it. Best way is to just crouch tech, problem is when people catch up on it and starts counterhitting your clk that comes out.

Option select:


I have real trouble using option select against Balrog. I always know they’ll tick throw and I mash that cr. lp+lk but they still get me. Trying to time it doesn’t work either. Are certain characters not able to use crouch tech option select?

To add onto Smoke’s post, the easiest way to set up throw testing is to record the dummy performing a sweep, followed up with a meaty jump-in into a tick throw attempt. Vary it up with kara throw setups, ticks into delayed throw, and normal tick throws. It got me up from 10% success to about 60-70% tech rate offline.

I dunno about mashing the OS tech, as it tends to get you thrown in the startup frames of the I’ll hit the crouch tech an instant after I’d be normally thrown. However, I would strongly advise against abusing crouch techs against Cammy and Rufus (Adon and Juri in SSF4), since instant dive kicks and cannon strikes can punish crouch techs real hard.

When a throw starts up, you got 10 frames to break it. It’s doable on reaction, but it’s 10 frames. That’s a small window to react to. The concentration you devote to trying to react to the throw, you risk putting yourself in tunnel vision.

I’m a little surprised no one has said this yet. People went straight for the crouch-tech. But I’m going to enlighten you a bit. A lot of us had to figure this out for ourselves. For some people it took years. It’s especially hard to wrap your head around when your game has throw-breaks. Here it is:

If you think the weak part of your game is that you can’t break throws, you are seeing things wrong. The weak part of your game is that you are letting your opponent have the option to throw you.

If you missed a throw-break, more things went wrong than just you missing a throw-break. Throwing people ain’t easy and a whole mess of things have to go wrong before someone can even press both lights to throw you. Throws are earned. If someone threw you, you gotta think, “How did this happen?” How was your strategy? Your zoning? Your footsies? You got to make people earn those throws.

Theres no possible way you’re going to react within 10 frames. It just is not doable. It’s a common misconception that you can tech throws on reaction. The reason why skilled players tech throws all the time is because of the OS crouch tech and picking up on cues that a throw is coming.

Also somebody said they’re mashing on d+lp+lk. Thats not really how it works. If you hit d+lp+lk the same time they grab, they will grab you. You need to delay it so you’re safe from attacks and safe from grabs.