Breaking throws on reaction in SF4

You just gotta guess or predict when a throw is coming and tech…or if you play balrog just mash cr.lp

Use Vega.

Please don’t mash on cr LP + LK. This is going to get you killed against players that know you are mashing that shit and they will take advantage. If you option select tech all the time they can use a frame trap with another move after they are jabbing and it will counter hit the

If you’re gonna option select tech at least do it to the speed of their normals so when theres a gap that they could potentially throw after a jab you’ll be teching. Also just watch the spacing and if they are pushing themselves out too much with normals don’t be OS teching because obviously they can’t throw you from that far.

i’d say the exception being goukens back throw.
i know it is only 12 frames but i have on quite a few occasions seen that start and still had chance to tech after seeing it.