--- BreakSteak Showdown 9/28 Results and Video(s)! ---


i deleted the original post to test something. i posted bryheem vs ny, and will try to get the other vids out after some feedback. this is my first encoding, so bear with me. if anyone can get me some encoding tips, email me or im me. thanks!

also, thanks for everyone who came out. it was really fun seeing everyone again… even though it was tiring:wink:


mvc2 team

philly 18 - ny 7

-bryheem goes undefeated --see video
-justin used only cammy/cyclops/doom
-philly ate good, so they weren’t hungry enough for the mvc2 singles tourney

mike b, bryheem, brandon deshields, julian, and rick mears

justin wong, desmond, javier, infinite, and shawn morgan

i’ll have matches up sometime this week after i secure webspace and capture the vids

super turbo

1st - kei chow
2nd - justin wong
3rd - julian robinson
4th - phil burnell
5th - henry cen
5th - mike turner

mvc2 singles

1st - desmond pinkney
2nd - shawn morgan
3rd - rick mears
4th - mike b
5th - phil burnell
5th - mike pungza


1st - justin wong
2nd - julian robinson
3rd - bryheem keys
4th - rob sigley
5th - manny
5th - alex anderson


  • i still smell like cheesesteaks
  • justin didn’t enter mvc2 singles
  • josh wong tries to enter cvs2 late… during grand finals
  • dsp’s empire shirt was amusing, i forgot to take a picture of it
  • vids will hopefully be up sometime this week
  • morgage payments suck
  • blah and stuff
  • ggpo


loser’s final: rick mears vs shawn morgan (score was 1-1 then the video started, best out of 5)


random philly vs new york shyt talk, this is the ‘fight’ that the cops wanted to break up…

this is brhyeem vs team ny… a must-see…
it’s a 40 meg download and requires windows media 9.
edit: thanks to rob fckin sigley for hosting. now let’s see if we can see him top the bandwidth charts!! :wink:

i didn’t take as many pictures as i hoped, but i was running around a bit much.




Damn me and my blinking…:sweat:


hahaha good stuff…


ahhahahaha he won with spiral/cable/sent… this video decreases your skill level just by watching… thanks for hosting rob…in the first match heem tries to guardbreak sent falling from a superjump and gets confused when it doesn’t work…


damn he was hungry…


bryheem never ceases to amaze me…HAHAHA…




I actually beat a few people in MvC2…if you lost to me you should be ashamed, because I suck and I never touch that game anymore. I’m too busy wasting my time with SvC…

…and I just realized that in every ST tourney, I lose to O.Sagat.
MWC2k2: I lose to Asianhitler and Sin, both using O.Sagat.
EVO2k2: I lose to Hsien using O.Sagat.
ECC8: I lose to Ricky Ortiz using O.Sagat
Every break weekend tourney: I lose to Justin Wong using O.Sagat.

It’s pretty bad.



i saw him beat you once with ryu :slight_smile:


you lose to fuckin sim too, stop frontin.


exactly who were the members of team ny and in what order.


I’ve tried watching the match on Wind2.1 and window media player. I’m not sure if i have window media9 or just media. Where can i go and dl this media9 .


Anymore vids coming out phi?


Where can i go to download the Window Media Player 9?


yeah, i’ll be posting more, but not till sometime next week. i am currently getting my floor tiled, so my room and computer are out of commission.
this weekend, i’ll be away in virginia. so the earliest chance i can get is next week.

but i’ll definitely get some up =)

wanderer, someone posted a link for you on the other thread


so uh is rush gonna be banned from the break?:confused:






Yo phi, you puttin anymore videos up? Mainly the trash talk ones