Breast Cancer awareness month donation drive \(^_^)/


Hey whats up everyone? As some people know this month is Breast Cancer awareness month. My class is not only participating in the breast cancer walk in south Florida but we are also trying to raise money to donate. Last year we made a lil over $500 and i want to at least double it this year. ANY AMOUNT will be greatly appreciated. I’ve lost a few family members/close people in my life due to this terrible disease so this means a lot to me to do anything I can to help in hopefully finding a cure. Not that it matters but in the pic i’m the one in the bottom right.


Could you fix the thread title so that people know what the thread is about?


sure… thanks


If it is going to Komen you are literally wasting your money.


Wait, there’s a breast cancer? Why have I not heard of this before?


Lack of relevant equipment?


I’ll donate when I get off work.


You’re a white girl? I didn’t picture you like that at all, not that it matters, lol.

I donated. My grandmother had breast cancer and I don’t want my wife, mother, sister, or anyone else to have to go through that. Hopefully a cure for cancer is found in our lifetime.


No I’m not a white girl. I’m the dark brotha with a part in his hair lol. Thanks for the donation bro!


What’s wrong with komen? And our class switched to a walk that’s closer to us. The one we were going to initially was way out in Miami and that was too far for some. We switched to fort Lauderdale


Appreciate it fam. Thanks


You are aware that breast cancer is one of the most overfunded causes that are out there while other researches related with cancer are pretty much ignored right?


Komen is a ponzi scheme, no money goes to breast cancer research. It all gets recycled back to the companies that sponsor it so they can push out more expensive options of the same drugs.Nothing goes to a cure or actual research.


Kommen sends 10-30% of their funds to Planned parenthood via grants too, which is kind of disingenuous since there are numerous credible studies that hormone based birth control can be a contributing factor to breast cancer.


Hecatom, you’re a fairly smart guy. Surely, like I and everyone else has noticed, only when shit impacts women do people care. OP doesn’t give a shit about other cancers. How only cares because this is about women. You don’t live in the US but here, you can get pink license plates(Breast Cancer) and there are pink ribbons and shirts for Breast Cancer as well. You know what’s missing? Every other cancer out there. Every month has a cancer awareness but no one gives a shit unless it’s Breast Cancer. It’s no different from when people talk about Domestic Violence. They simply mean when men are the aggressors and women are the victims.

Women like being the center of attention and men love worshiping women.