Breast-milk cheese served at NYC restaurant

Yeah…do not want.

You know that feeling in your throat you get before you vomit? Well im feeling that right now…

So Chapelle wasn’t kidding about there being cambodian breast milk in NYC.

damnit i wanted to do the chappelle joke.

Lol, it’s only legal because nobody ever thought of it. What if she was a cannibal and gave ppl mad person disease?

wow, just got instant heartburn from reading thread title

Rome - eat your heart out.

I came here especially to do that joke.

I came here to do that joke too =/

I stopped reading when I got to “human cheese.” I’m at a loss for words. I mean…really? How high was this guy when he decided to make cheese from his wife? Was he just sittin’ there one day burnin’ one while the little lady was feeding the baby when all of a sudden he got a “great” idea?