Breath of Fire Characters! C'mon CAPCOM DIG DEEP!

i really want ryu from breath of fire 4 or 3 to be in this game :tup: he would be so awesome and also rei from breath of fire 3! what are anyone else opinion of breath of fire characters being added in? you guys think its possible? :bgrin:

There IS a specific wishlist thread for these kinds of posts. Keits warned those that do not follow the rules he established for this forum will receive a infraction. I know you are new here, but I’m simply letting you know that the rules of this website are enforced and some don’t take kindly to new posters (ignorant of the fact those same individuals were once new posters themselves at one time so there is little reason for them to put themselves on some sort internet pedestal)

I’m trying to be nice to help you out but that’s entirely up to you if you want to heed my the advice I gave you or simply ignore it.

What he said. Locked.