Breathless = Cheap?



I’ve been playing Super for a while now, but I hardly find myself playing Abel anymore.
Especially in casual games with my buddys.

The reason for this is probably Breathless. I have to say that I think it’s by far the cheapest ultra in the game. Sure, I love it, but that doesn’t make it anyless cheap.

It can only absorb one hit. Sure. Does anyone know a character that can actually DO two hits on Abel before he crabs them (other then EX Fireballs)?
Sure, a guard breaker beats it. What if your opponent is playing a charge character and didn’t have the charge?
Your opponent can jump over it, but you can charge it.

Don’t get me wrong though. This is not a rage rant. It’s just that I don’t find pleasure playing Abel in casual anymore due to this ultra.
Sure, I could go for the other ultra, but then my friends wonder why I didn’t go for “the better one”.

I love his new ultra, but I feel bad using it.

Does anyone feel the same way about this, or am I just waaaay to sympathetic with my opponents?


Erm… no. First off, nothing is “cheap” in street fighter, you do what has to be done. If you think that somethings cheap and refuse to do it, your only holding yourself back.

Second, no no no no no, they just arent used to the ultra and how to get away from it. Abuse it and make them figure it out


I do 10 pushups everytime I land breathless ‘cause I fuckin’ love the feeling.


Get this shit out of my forums, seriously, SRK seems to be getting fucking scrubbier and scrubbier as time goes by.

Learn the game or get the fuck out


Your opponents = suck


in before nothing is ch-

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let this thread dieeeeeeeee


yes it is


the world is getting scrubbier, not just srk. :rofl:


Fine, sorry for bringing it up. -.-

On the other hand, mind if I quote that for my signature? That was awesome.


dont be sorry, I agree with you. Abel U2 and El Fuerte U2 is cheap shit. They can be landed in all the ways possible. People who blame you for being a noob are just a bunch of retards.


I was cruising through the forums until I ran into this thread, cause when I saw that title, I had to see if there would be mention of El Fuerte’s Ultra Spark, and sure enough, there was. It’s only natural that a grapple character gets a grapple Ultra. Abel is already an approaching fighter, anyway. He was just asking to be given a grapple that allows him to hit from a further distance. They gave these Ultras, however, to balance something in the game, you have to realize. El Fuerte is finally a threat thanks to the new ultra and Abel has increased in that potency, too, mainly because his first Ultra didn’t give him many comeback options unless you knew how to time the hit against jump ins, waking up, or seeing someone go into a lagging recovery move.

In short, it’s not cheap. Just good. And characters like Abel and El Fuerte needed them to keep up with the rest.


You speak words of wisdom. Thanks. I think I can finally use this ultra without feeling bad.


Of course it’s cheap.

And, surprise, of course Abel players are going to crucify you for calling it cheap.

“Play to win, lol” “Anything is legal!” “Nothing is cheap!” No one was saying that in vanilla when Abel came across a good Zangief.

A nearly full screen, delayable, 8 frame, cancellable, armored, unblockbable that does half life. Yeah, that’s a REALLY, REALLY good ultra. Not broken, or anything. Some characters have pretty good ways to avoid it…but, some characters don’t.

It could arguably be called cheap by more impartial eyes. But, in the Abel thread, you aren’t going to get too many people agreeing with you.

I’m an Abel player, but I’m not afraid to be honest here. I generally stick to U1, because I feel relying on U2 will make me too dependent on it’s excellent properties.


Yeah OP, Breathless is mad cheap, cheep cheep. I also thought gen’s ultra was cheap yesterday because I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to block it high, i thought to myself, what a cheap piece of sh*t , using a broken-ass ultra like that. Because something I don’t know how to evade must = cheap.

Seriously, don’t complain about ‘cheapness’ on srk, there will be floggings


its just semantics i guess. sure, matchup against gief was pretty fucked up in vanilla but i never called it cheap, a bad matchup that greatly favors the gief if he gets a knockdown… gouki with his rh loop, rufus with dive kick, ex messiah bullshit… yeah i call em bullshit lol

but yeah, i guess its just pointless to talk about about how cheap a move is etc, find ways to deal with it, bait it, whatever. breathless aint that good, its escapable, different ways in different situations, so yeah its situational and playing against abel its your duty to avoid getting into that situation and if you somehow got into it, deal with it, make an educated guess whatever.


I thought one can either crossup abel or jump back outta his range


or do an armor breaking move, or fast multi hit fuckin bison scissor kicks…


i did this in vsf4 with seth’s ultra trap

feels good man


I can’t believe this thread garnered more than 5 responses.


There are definitely ranges where some characters can neither jump over Abel nor jump out of range.

You can’t just do an armor breaking move. You have to do an armor breaking move that comes out in 8 frames, or leaves the ground in 8 frames (like scissor kicks). Some characters don’t have those. And, even if you do, Abel can bait you into doing it, cancel his Ultra, and punish you.

U2 is one big, pre-packaged mix-up that’s almost entirely in Abel’s favor, since he can hit-confirm during the flash, delay, and cancel at will. He has almost nothing to lose, since avoiding the move makes it difficult to punish the move. And, it does a lot of damage. Low risk, high reward.

And, that doesn’t even take into account the guaranteed set-ups, like punishment, anti-air, or projectile killing.

It’s a REALLY, REALLY good ultra. People shouldn’t act like it isn’t. It blows most U2s out of the water.