Breathless counter

Guys I’m getting really frustrated dealing with this. It seems like if ur backed up in the corner and abel does his breathless at about 3/4 screen, there’s nothing you can do. Someone please, please prove me wrong

Jump like a madman.

Seriously though, you shouldn’t be stuck there if you’re fighting Abel. Try your best to stay within 2 character lengths of him and it won’t be a problem. It’s kinda like doing CW from full screen when your opponent is doing nothing–you should always be mindful of the spacing.

If it’s that far away you can just wait and react with jump back into a combo. You can also chance it if you reflex jumped at the ultra freeze by trying to do a CW as you land. There’s not any landing recovery from an empty jump if I remember correctly so you should be able to get out safely.

yeah pretty much what both Nosone and Samurai said, however when i play an abel and i notice he has U2, I stay on top of him the entire match and try not to let him breath. MK CW is your friend…use it. If he activates U2 and your in his face a CW will send you over him to safety.

Hahah, very funny.

ex/hk flame kick or chicken wing. If the first it hit of your CW hits it break his breathless.

Lol didn’t think of that, “Breathless” and not letting him breath

I know cw is armor breaking but i’m talking about specific situations where you won’t reach him or only the last hit will. I haven’t tried reaction jump aways but it seems tough, as does counter flame kick

i been caught in that situation as well where u cant escape (ur in a corner CW is too far for 1st hit, cant jump over abel, etc) ur best bet is reaction jumping as bad as it sounds

In that situation, you can do one of two things

  1. walk backwards, anticipate ultra and jump on reaction (tough)
  2. Try to out-mindgame him by dashing forward and doing EX Chicken Wing since most Abels will delay the Ultra in that situation

neither escape is foolproof, but nothing hurts trying. I really fucking wish they would add armor break to all three hits of the Chicken Wing though.