Breathless or Souless?

Which one?

Read the FAQ.

People are figuring out how to avoid Breathless. Souless is the better bet.

i’ll say this, as a Makoto player U2 doesn’t scare me at all, think i’ve only been caught once by it. it’s so easy to just jump back or jump over Abel, it’s uses are very limited & range pretty strict if you actually wanna catch someone. U1 scares me a lot more because you can juggle into it from a few moves, & it goes through projectiles so it’s better for those matches too…i don’t see any reason for using U2

Breathless has some legitimate uses. But, Soulless is typically better because of the ease to combo into it. If you’re selecting Breathless, it’s because:
[]The match you’re in requires you to have Breathless as a legitimate anti-air.
]The character in question uses normals (i.e, Akuma’s st.HK) which can be easily punished, but you don’t want to be pressured by.
[]The matchup contains certain specials–like Dictator’s scissor kicks (Breathless absorbs the first, attacks before the second) which Soulless is too slow to counter.
]The matchup is so easy, you find U2 slants it even more in your favor (Dhalsim).
[*]It doesn’t matter what Ultra you choose because you feel that, either way, you’re boned (Chun-Li, mainly. :P)

Sometimes, just having Breathless can make a player stop their pressure. Some Ibukis and Makotos that I’ve played have literally stopped cold at the sight of flashing purple. But, that’s more mindgames than it is anything else.

or if you’re a scrub, u pick ultra 2 and hit that thing on scrubs all day, play competent players and then you get fucked up for not comboing into something better after that C.Hp u just inputted.

Very well said, pretty much all of my points here in much more eloquent forms. Breathless is necessary in very few matchups, and useful in even less. Keep practicing combing into Soulless and you’ll be set.

personally i prefer to use soulless because i can combo into it and it goes through fireballs which would be something breathless can do but breathless can AA and punish anyone who keeps poking so they are both really good and obviously shouldnt be spammed so in the right hands both ultras are good but i choose soulless

My general rule of thumb:
Fireball: Soulless
No fireball: Breathless

Pretty much the same as Bonkers.
Fireball/projectile: Soulless (except Akuma and Guile and perhaps Ibuki)
No Fireball: Breathless (Akuma and Guile, I go Breathless, I think Ibuki may also join them)

Blanka is my only exception, using Soulless to punish blocked blanka ball.

I think it’s worth mentioning that this is not entirely true. Breathless cannot go through multi-hit projectiles, like Akumas HCB P, or any EX plasma/SB. I’m not sure if Breathless hits full screen when countering shotos throwing plasma, but Soulless does.

Why would you go breathless on Ibuki?

Breathless works great against scrub Cammy/Ibuki because you can punish their unsafe shit.
Against a good one though, you want Soulless purely for the damage on combo.

Against Akuma I would never consider Breathless. Dash forward~Soulless is for if he’s ever stupid enough to do jump-back FBs, and combo damage on Akuma is insane.

Against Guile I only choose Breathless – sure it loses to EX Boom, but it’s the only thing that can save you vs chip boom in the corner.

Breathless is stupid against Ibuki because LOL NECKBREAKER. She destroys Breathless.


I pick Souless because it’s easier for me to pull off…

Probably because of what Kikimaru said, I haven’t really vsed a very good Ibuki.

i pick U2 because im a scrub and like to get punished