Breathless or soulless



i havent really touched on the original soulless ultra yet since ive just started using Abel. to me, it seems if breathless is good for anti-air, cornering opponent, and heavy damage. it also can be useful to get out of a corner and it also can be cancelled. while soulless is good for combo links and to go thru fireballs. which ultra do you prefer using more and why?


This poll is useless, it depends on the match up

In general I probably use souless more


Breathless regardless of the match up. Unlike Soulless, breathless doesn’t need to be setup to maximize it’s effectiveness. If you know when to FA, you know how to use Breathless. I’ve landed that ultra more times than any other ultra in the game, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who mained Seth for a long period. It even works well against characters with easy escapes like RYU/Ken, wall jumpers… It’s sooo unpredictable. There have been times I have been completely outclassed and still managed to win because of Breathless. Personally I think it’s more agressive, and violent. Even when you don’t get it off, your opponent totally changes their tendencies in fear of it. It’s no contest.


Soulless looks weird, with the way he sort of… hesitates between the initial series of punches and the grab.


breathless for the win!

soulless is a bit too slow for my tastes and requires some skills to land often


Soulless, simply because of it’s comboing utilties.

And, it eats multi-hit fireballs, rather than just absorbing one shot.


Really guys… is this thread ACTUALLY happening ?


Except for a few matchups like Cammy or Honda I prefer Soulless. I used breathless extensively the first two weeks, but it just doesn’t cut it against players who know what they’re doing. Against capable players successful focus crumples are also few and far between. I’d rather be abel (get it? GET IT??) to turn that or or AA crouching fierce into big damage, which seems a whole lot better to me than relying on random ultraing.


On SRK, we avoid moves because of aethestics and requiring minimal amount of setup, real talk.


Well, I figured everyone had already covered the fact that breathless is gdlk, so I figured I’d just throw in another, extra opinion.


Quick thing.

Cammy is actually really easily countered by U1. When she uses her ultra, you can punish with U1 (she bounces back a bit after the last hit, practice your timing there). Her spiral arrow can be punished by a cr.hp, but it’s probably safer just to do a TT.

0:50 for an example of when to counter Talon Strike.

0:20 shows the timing to FA Spiral Arrow into a crumple. Dash cancel out of the crumple into a cr.hp and you can get off your U1.

You can follow a blocked Spiral Arrow with a fierce CoD, but just throwing out that U1 is good on Cammy.


I use breathless a lot more then souless.

reasons being 1- you dont have to combo the ultra into something, making it easier to connect 2- lots of people still dont know how to evade it, the animation for U2 starts and ends a lot faster then U1, so people react on the fly by just jumping up or jumping back, and then get caught. 3- does pretty much the same amount of damage as U1


Hmm blocked cannon spikes and spiral arrows aren’t a problem. The latter is easily punished at close range if it hits twice or focused at long range. You gotta be careful though, if you’re focussing from too far away Cammy may recover and punish you with cannon spike, which will often even catch backdashes.

The best thing about breathless in this matchup is that it limits Cammys pressure options extensively, which are a bitch to deal with otherwise. I think it was discussed in detail in the matchup thread.

Did I miss the point when “Yay you can combo into ultra!!” turned into “Oh noes, you have to combo into ultra :(” ?

Goddammit Frank.


Landing Breathless on somebody who doesn’t know how to dodge it is landing an shenanigan on somebody. Sure, it’s quick and has 1 hit of armor, but do you really think that you will land it after maybe the first few rounds? How long will it take the opponent to realize that an empty jump completely wastes Breathless? With Soulless, a f. mk, his best normal, can combo into massive damage, but that is impossible with Breathless. The ONLY reason I would use U2 is for matchup purposes.


This thread is utterly useless.
Just as this post!

Guys, matchup dependant says it all.
In general Souless has the upper hand because you can combo into it.

Nuff said.


I’m not digging some of the tactics allowed to dodge Breathless like Ryu empty juming into it’s range and still manage to get off a tatsu as he lands, or Sagat empty jumping and still land a TU to stop it… Seems broken to me, but other than that, it’s still saving my ass in close battles. The most satisfying was last night against a relentless Chun!(ranked) He beat me once, then he came back and I beat him. He then found me again and the battle went down to the wire. Tied 2 rounds each I was behind, and he was trying to turtle with the lead. I got him into a corner, then pulled my U2. Wise to my tactics, he wall jumped and landed right behind me and commanded his own U1. Too fast grasshopper, I was still holding my U2, and canceled it as he was landing. I blocked his utra his ultra, and punished him with a COD cancel to air TT for the win! Man it felt so good. Who else has a ultra with a get out of jail free card? U2 saved my ass without even landing!


Because that Chun player random ultra’d? I don’t think breathless deserves the credit of some idiot making stupid mistakes.

MooiboyRoy has it right.


I like Loveless because Abel doesn’t get any love being all alone…except from his bitch.


I use soulless because it combos. And it’s way less cheap. Breathless is a bit brain dead. I only use Breathless when I need to. Vs Gief, Cammy, Honda etc.


lol souless or breathless thread … IMO I think both are effective if you know how to use them right but souless since it has that c hp. To ultra combo it’s the preffered ultra of the two