Breathless/shun goku satsu



I’m not nearly good enough to find the timing to determine if it works or not, so let me just ask those of you who know. Can Akuma eat Breathless off a Shun Goku Satsu if timed correctly?


don’t think so. I think Raging Demon is the only grab that beats breathless clean. Maybe if you’re point blank and do it at the same time Akuma does his Ultra flash, you could catch the start up frames but I’m not sure.


eh? what do you mean beat breathless clean? breathless charging? breathless moving forward?

breathless has throws invi, and raging demon is a throw. so the only way it can beat breathless is by making the breathless whiff and hit the recovery.

ive fought tokido and i did breathless on wakeup against his jump in, but he managed to land behind me and expecting me to let go of the ultra to get away so he did raging demon(which will land if i let go of the ultra immediately)… but i held the ultra and didnt get grab, only releasin breathless after im sure im not gonna get hit by the demon.


yo damn we not only have one guy that can’t hit training mode for 2 mins, and another troll that says breathless gets beat clean??
wtf people can’t you try shit for yourselves??
So much misinformation in these forums.


To be clear… I posted this not 2 minutes after I watched some compilation video where an Abel player used Breathless (and let it go) and an Akuma used Raging Demon and it grabbed Abel out of Breathless. That’s all I was basing this on since I don’t use breathless myself. I also qualified that statement with “I think”. If I was sure of it I would have said so.

I’m no troll dude. I’ve been playing Abel since Dec. 08’ and I do know my shit. Maybe someone can explain the situation in the video, because this is what my statement was based on…



ill repeat

breathless has throws invi, and raging demon is a throw. so the only way it can beat breathless is by making the breathless whiff and hit the recovery.

in that video, the abel did and immediately released breathless (1+7 frames of grab invi) and akuma did sgs (1+4 frames of full invi), so yeah the breathless whiffed and the sgs landed.

no offense, but you should be able to know breathless properties by now. saying sgs beats breathless is silly imo.


Breathless is only immune to throws on the active frames. Breathless has 6 active frames (possibly 7F; SRK Wiki words it odd). Numbers aside, demon probably hit after breathless’s throw immune frames died.

TBH, I’ve grabbed Akuma’s U1 with Chun’s normal throw. I hit throw, demon came out, and Chun’s throw beat demon. It’s certainly not something that’d happen a lot, but it can happen.

EDIT: hfz is better than me.
Bows down.


I don’t know all of the Breathless properties because I have never used Breathless in any serious manner. I’ve always stuck with Soulless in tournaments and most casual play. In that video, which is the only time I’ve ever seen SGS against Breathless, it looks like the Demon grabbed Abel out of Breathless. Again, in my first statement were I sure, I would not have said “I think”.

I’m well aware that Breathless is grab inv. but the video makes it seem otherwise.

Anyway, in the video, had Abel held Breathless a moment longer he would have grabbed Akuma??


had he held the ultra long enough to wait for sgs invi to come off, yes.


Good to know. Thanks


Yes, good to know, thanks.


I know this is slightly off topic, but I’ve mashed an EX TT and grabbed both Ultra, and SC demons.


No you didn’t.

EX TT loses to both demons. Normal TT beats both