Breed Descent: Children Of The Storm

Breed Descent: Children Of The Storm is a independently developed by SkitRow GameZ. It will include 12 playable characters, 2D game-play in a 3D world, two-on-two battles, EX moves, and more. It mixes characters from heroes, anti-heroes, & of coarse villains that players are able to choose from. With each character having their own unique attributes, players can pull off amazing combos with the right team combination. In Breed Descent, players are able to take favor of the tag system that grant character switching throughout the fight. With this tag system in place, players are able to perform double-teaming tag combos and dynamic setups against their opponents.Most of all, the game play is focus on speed and precision, giving it some of that old-school flavor.

Where Breed Descent Stands?
Breed Descent is still early in development. At the moment the characters are being polished and tweaked, for quality game-play footage. Also, optimizing is also other key thing on my list to tackle.

Thanks for your time! I’m grateful for any feedback. :slight_smile: