Breed Descent: New Indie Fighting Game

Breed Descent is a independent fighting game with 16 playable characters(rendered as animated 2D sprites in a 3D world), 3 button layouts (Normal, Intermediate, Advance), two-on-two battles, air combos, EX moves, and more. It’s mechanics are inspired by several old school game series like X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter EX. The game play is focus on speed, precision, fun, and variety. More updates coming soon.

SkitRow GameZ - “Breed Descent” Trailer 2015
The purpose of this video is to simply show of “some” of the mechanics within Breed Descent, a graphical update, and most of all some in game footage without all the transitions & special effects.

Gameplay ScreenShot (Older Graphics)

Gameplay ScreenShot (New Graphics)

More Info:

Thanks for taking the time to tune in, it’s much appreciated.

somewhat interested. I think the character designs are kinda bland and the graphics looks like they have some weird bloom or something.

whats the difference between the button layouts?

Light – Heavy – AssistType A
Mid – Launcher – AssistType B

LP – HP – AssistType A
LK – HK – AssistType B

LP – MP – HP – AssistType A
LK – MK – HK – AssistType B

A option for (Auto / Manual) might be an option as well. Each layout will have their own unique perks. I plan on doing a in depth video on it if the interest picks up.

Yea the bloom is kinda high, I’ll be sure to knock it down. Thanks for the reply.

Damn Skitz, so this is why you’re like a hermit during the weekdays or maybe why it takes you 8 hrs upon call to make it to my house on weekends (lol). Keep it up.

Will the Advanced controls allow for 6 buttons only with macros for assist calling?

I see you’re going for fast, Versus Series style gameplay. You already seem to have mobility down, but I don’t know if your game visually fits the kind of speed you’re trying to emulate. Maybe it’s because the stage you are demoing is black/white/red like the characters on screen, but you need your characters to “pop” a bit more so they can be kept track of during high-tension combat. Think back to the Marvel games, and how everyone just bleeds color, especially in MvC2 when compared to the stages. If you want something like that, you need your characters to be very visible at all times on all stages. (Unless you’re turning invisible or something … I’m picking up a superhero theme for your game?)