Brice Mellen (blind gamer) vs Japanese

Pardon me if this is old…

While browsing random japanese web sites hoping to score some vids, I came across a link to a pretty cool video feauturing a blind american MK player named Brice Mellen. The video documents his trip to japan where he battled some of japans best fighting game players in MK (a lot of familiar faces). I must say this is pretty frickin amazing…for a guy to be blind and playing fighters is ridiculous…

check out the video here…it’s entirely in japanese :frowning:

They plug in SBO, the SBO director and KSK. Too bad we don’t know wtf their saying.

Real or not, it’s funny. :rofl:

Wow, playing Japanese gamers in Mortal Kombat.

That’s like playing against midgets in basketball.

All right, now we own the Japanese in TWO games that they don’t play. Awesome. :confused:

I’m not going to translate that whole thing, but here are some highlights:

-they call him “The American Zatoichi”
-in order to learn the games, he has someone sit down with him and describe all the moves while he memorizes the sounds, then from there he plays entirely by the game’s sounds
-in his mind, he has absolutely no visual representation or image of what the game may look like; it’s just 100% sounds to him
-against Japan’s best players, he went 22-3 (his three losses were against Tokido, Kenbou, and MOV)

List of his Japanese opponents in the order they were shown:
Sawatori, head of Arcadia magazine
Chibita, of Virtua Fighter fame (for some they refer to him as “Charisma” at this event)
hella people I don’t know

My favorite quotes:

(while he’s sitting on the sofa in his house)
interviewer: "What do you do when there’s something that you just can’t pull off?"
Brice: “I get irritated when I can’t pull something off, so I just break my controller. I think I’ve broken about 9 or so.”

(while on the street in Japan)
interviewer: "Do you know what an ‘otaku’ is…?"
Brice: "No, what is that?"
interviewer: "A guy who just plays games all day."
Brice: “Oh…OK, so I guess they’d call me an ‘otaku’…”

(But her definition is not quite accurate…she was really polite. “otaku” has a lot of negative connotation. It can be applied to someone who’s obsessed with anime, or games, or manga, or all of them, but it basically means “MASSIVE DORK”.)

(when Kenbou is being interviewed about his upcoming match against Brice)
Kenbou: “I’m hella not going to lose.” :rofl:

(after Brice beats KSK, who is apparently Japan’s best player)
Kenbou: “Now that’s just embarrassing…”

Lol, I’ve heard of this guy. Beating the Japame at MK? =O. The Japanese PLAY MK?!?!

i think maybe they looked down on him so bad they didn’t even bother to play MK even once before they played him. i mean…when you play tekken the 1st time knowing nothing about the game even a noob mashing eddy’s kicks can beat you, and you don’t even have to see the screen when u just unleash moves 1 after the other.
this is the same case kinda. it doesn’t matter how much your good at vf, in your very 1st mk fight ever you will suck.

STFU cock rider. Bitches got owned by a blind man. No excuse for that. I wander if he plays SF. Brice “Blind Badass” (last name here) will sweep evo!

i don’t care. it’s in MK and i don’t know shit about MK. what i am sure of is that if you will play SF/tekken/VF/games i do know, with your eyes closed you don’t know where you opponent is on the screen and walking forward/backward doesn’t make a sound. how can you do anything w/o knowing the range between you and your opponent? against a mediocre player who knows the basics of whiff punishing- you can’t win.

Even though Japanese don’t play MK… the fact that this guy beat em blind… it’s definitely says something.

I don’t play 3rd strike… but I know how to do crouching mk super with Chun-Li. And if I get beat by a blind guy… the guy definitely deserves props.

The japanese don’t play the game… but it’s not like they are 1st time players and don’t know the basics of the MK engine.

they let him win.

some of you guys need to stop hating.

what i was going to say

it’s kind of weird he learns by sound, since the UMk3 sounds are pretty generic and tons of moves use the same sound

I thought I’d never see Japanese players play MK.

i assure you it has nothing to do with “hating”.

Isn’t “tataki” some sashimi dish? :rofl: Which means you are a japanese fanboy.

You’re right. It doesn’t have anything to do with hating.

Your name suggests that you love all things japanese, and the fact that some japanese players got beat by a blind american… well, that’s just too much for the fanboy in you to accept.

I say we start colecting funds to bring Mr. Brice over to EVO to get a match against DreamTR. See how well he does then.

Awesome vid. He took down Chibita. Damn just damn. Granted its MK but still amazing.

While it’s cool and all, he’s still got a disadvantage that people with sight will never have.

If you have say, Daigo, JustinWong, or Frankie3s…or even casual players, against this Brice kid…and let’s say that all of them has never played say, Rage of the Dragons. If you plunk them both in front of an arcade board, the people with sight will win every time.

hahahaha the jap riders in this thread are funny. I could see if the guy won a few games yet the overall W-L was in favor of the japs, but the score was 22-3 in flavor of Daredevil. Face it, he owned them.