Bridget avatar request

i want in my av to be a default color buri and the av maker use his imagination, and put my name in my av. if some one can take my request, thanks.

Can you be alittle more specific?


bridget should do the strech the yoyo move down after he hits p animation, my name sort of hidden and the background, i have no idea. imagination of the av maker, i guess. or him doing a starship.

hey monkey are you taking this request? because if your not I am.:cool:

go ahead ill make one and lets make him decide.

never mind about the av. it seems I have lost all my bridget sprites. so now I have no way to make the av.:bluu:

that’s cool :slight_smile: can you do it ms, please?

OK ill try to do it today if i can find good bridget pics,unless you got on in mind.

your guess is as good as mine. ive’ been finding pics but i can’t seem to find any.

:lol: ok man, btw if i cant find the pic you want is any pic of bridget good??

hey monkeyspank how’s the av going?

I cant find a good pic of bridget, unless you have one in mind.

well i couldnt find the pic u wanted so here ya go.:sweat:

well real good, thanks.

what other pics do you have of him?

thanks for the av.