Brief Introduction



I’ve lurked around here for years and never really posted, aside from a few comments here and there.

Name’s Engravings, from the East Coast. Claw player since ST.

I run a Fighting Game Channel on YouTube;

Basically, just wanted to say Hi.

Also, if anyone here runs an active FG Channel, I’d love to check it out.


I’ve seen your channel. You were the one who ran SSF4 at super low settings to get it to run ok, right?

I’m surprised you weren’t actually active here. You’re a good Claw player for sure.


I followed you long time ago, but i’m traditional type guy so i don’t like how you mod ur stage and music
However, ur skill is great though


It was nice to see him beat the crap out of DSP recently. I’m surprised DSP didn’t bitch and moan and whine like he always does. For once, he recognized some skill and took his loss like a man.


Quite entertaining, due to the good editing. Keep it up!


Awesome. Where on the East Coast? NYC by chance?