Brief results from Tx Regional


1st David Hem "AsianHitler"
2nd Ashley Hernandez
3rd Chris Villarreal “Crow”

3rd Strike
1st Mark Rogoyski "Mopreme"
2nd Raul Mondragon
3rd Khang Le

1st James Washington
2nd Chris Wong "Cmutt"
3rd Phil Salazar


when will u have the marvel and team marvel up


pretty sure ORG took mvc2 singles and i think NO took tema mvc2 not sure
ryan ‘fubarduck’ took xx i belive. =/


Top 3 in MvC2 was:

1st. Evil Rashaan
2nd. John P
3rd. Joe Reyna


chris and duane better be 4th and 5th or i will raise hell.

rahsaan is a monster


Daniel/Musker is 4th and 5th i think


4th. David Hem
5th. Daniel Nguyen
5th. Jared Bradley (Musker)



Chris and Duane, you guys have some explaining to do.


oh boy, wtf…

cmon guys, i was expecting yall to place high. yall have some explaining to do indeed

             good shit musker and daniel u guys kick ass:cool: 

damn… i can’t believe the NCR2 isin’t going to be on presidents day:mad: oh well they said in march maybe
anyway good job u guys



how many people entered each tournament?



Hmm in a some what related topic will their matches be on Evo2k3? also if anyone has it is the dvd worth buying???