BrighTech GamerBridge GB13


Has anyone heard of these before?

Has anyone used GamerBridge GB-13?

 1.It needs an original PS4 / XBOX1 controller to lead than play   


Yeah I saw how it works. Just wondering if anyone on SRK have used these before. Seems like a good buy if it’s lagless.


Just go Brook instead.


brook doesnt have the convenience of one adapter for two consoles.


Yet…still better


So how is it better?


Tested with less than a frame of lag and you don’t need a game pad for authentication.


Ignore the sheep, the only way to know for yourself is to be the guinea pig a buy it.


Not everyone has that luxury


Just bought one. It doesn’t work with my xbox360 madcatz fightstick. Don’t know what to do with it now…


Mod it


The description said ps4 And xbox one devices. I figured 360 stuff wouldn’t work. Maybe a ps3 controller might.


Oh nvm. I read it wrong.


Exchanged it for Brook xbox360 -> PS4 convertor. Everything working now.


And so, now we know! Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team…


Does anyone know if the gb 13 works for ps4 remotes on Xbox 360


Or any adapter like that but not Cronus or titan


The Brook adapters

Also please use the Edit feature instead of double posting


Which brook adapter allows for ps4 remote to be used on Xbox 360