Brilliant Alex Avatar Request


Hey I’m looking to get a new premium avatar and here’s what I’m looking for in it.

I’m looking to get an animated av of this video: [media=youtube]bHK0uFb6Vzw"[/media]

I’m looking for a repeating clip of 0:52-0:54 of the Alex looking guy ripping his shirt off.

While that’s going on could it also have in blinking black and white (or different color to stand out more like pink) strobe letters saying “WEAK!!” in a video game like font.

Thanks in advance to whoever takes this brilliant request.


My humble submission:

Pink much? :smile:


Great Work Savaii :tup:
I hate animations cause im not ood at them :crybaby:


thanks bro! i’ve seen your animated avs and they look sweet.


Thanks, but I hate doing them lol.
With the passion :confused:


Thanks Savaii, I’m a big fan of your work!


:pleased: Thanks bro! :pleased: