Brilliant TMNT Premium Avatar Request

Hi there. I’m looking to get a fairly simple premium avatar done up by whomever is up for it. Here’s what I’m looking for.

At about 9:03 in this video : [media=youtube]pK3zQ1g2GTA&feature=related"[/media] could you just take the still picture and have the word’s “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!!1!” blinking obnoxiously somewhere in the av. And if you’re feeling bold have the avatar loop at the part where he screams around 9:05-9:06.

That’s pretty much all I’m looking for. Big thanks ahead of time for whomever tackles this.

because i love this movie, i’ll give this a try when i get the time (probably sometime this weekend).

of course, if someone gets to it before i do, i won’t have any problems with it. :tup:

Here it is! I am fairly new to this, but it was fun figuring things out and I hope ya like it. :slight_smile:

And because I am a very literal person, I made one with the text: “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!!1!” Yeah…just wanted to make sure it was right either way lol.

lol chief stern

Thanks savaii64, it’s awesome. The problem with it is is that the file size is wayyyyy too big for srk. Otherwise the only real minor problem I have with it is that the “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!!1!” part isn’t blinking as fast as i would’ve liked but otherwise it’s great. Maybe a strobe effect? Like white to black letters?

Also Streak I’d still love to see you interpretation of this cuz I’m a fan of your work. You can add to this if you want. Whatever you can think of to make Chief Stern look pissed. Like maybe a K-Groove bar or Ultra full meter, glowing red, glowing eyes, etc etc. lol Thanks again!

Whoops! I didn’t even pay attention to the size limitations! My bad. I fixed the blinking effect and made it faster but I have not yet found a way to trim it in size without losing image quality. Anyone have any suggestions?

awesome work. :tup:

haha, okay. i’ll see what i can do this weekend.

[Got it down small enough…](

EDIT: CRAP! Still over! Ok, this should work now :u: I’m lookin forward to seeing str[e]ak’s work too!

Thanks savaii, it’s awesome! Much appreciated. ( But it’s still like 1 kb over srk’s forum limit of 48.8)

Streak, I have to see your take on this too! lol thanks in advance.

it’s going to take me awhile. school just started, and i still have to finish the requests in my thread.

sorry, man. :sad:

str[e]ak, if you’re swamped I’d be happy to help out if you want. But of course you’re the one in demand so I understand if you’d rather handle it! :china:

note: i shrunk down chief stern to the right file size. :slight_smile:

EDIT: :d: :d: no probs :smile:

I just finished watching the movie after clicking your link a while ago. :lol:
[media=youtube]WEa5L5t8Qho&feature=related"[/media] :nunchuck:

Hey Savaii thansk for the av, I love it to death lol.

Streak if you ever decide to do a take on this just pm me but if not no biggie cuz this one is already awesome. Thanks again guys!

A JOSE CANSECO BAT?! Tell me you didn’t pay for this!

lol the blinking on that avatar reminds me of seizure time haha.

i know i’m kinda late to the party, but i finally worked on my version today. :sweat:


unfortunately, i can’t put both the k-groove bar and “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!!1!” into the av because there’s not enough space. i guess i could put the words on the side, but i don’t want it to look too cluttered.

:u: AWESOME! I expect nothing less than pure awesomeness from you, Streak.

Those are awesome streak!

OMG thanks Streak, I really appreciated. I saved all the avatars from this thread, if only there was some way to combine them all! lol

Thanks again to Savaii64 and Streak, you guys are awesome.