Bring Back Bushido Blade!


Just realized how much I miss these games. Am I the only one?


I would love a new bushido blade.




I honestly think it would do well in this generation. It’s alot different than most games out now.


Bushido Blade is a really, really random game, but to this day I think that it’s a lot deeper than it ever got credit for.

Super fun, anyway.


Best LAN fighter by far… Everyone has a chance at winning :smiley:


I would love this. That game seemed really flawed, but it was very fun.


Bushido Blade was a really cool general concept from a design perspective, but it was all poorly implemented. The controls felt just slightly off all the time, and you could actually input moves too fast. No joke. Not to mention some of the crazier, fancier shit you could do in the game was just not intuitive in the slightest. Crouch dashes (with follow-ups), jumps, and even Shoryukens, they all took a combination of directional inputs, stance raising/lowering, and attack buttons.

Also it was not balanced in the slightest. Each character had unique moves with specific weapons, and none of them were fair at all. One character had a big wind-up followed by four slashes, and it was literally impossible to block all of them, and it only took one to end it.


I agree. The concept, and style of the game were great. It had a good samurai atmosphere to it, and the music only made things better. The story was actually pretty decent, and the fact that you had to stick to the code of Bushido to get the good endings was great. The ability to cripple opponents, the parry system, and the fact that you (usually)need a counter hit to get a kill was great.

The controls definitely weren’t intuitive. The were difficult to get used to, but it was rewarding to be able to fully utilize your character. As for the balance of the game, I think the victory generally goes to the person who knows their character + weapon better.

Utsusemi’s Nodachi combo was a little too slow to be abusive. If you didn’t outright kill him with a strike, you could either hit him with a sub weapon, throw dirt to stop the combo, or counter him. Each of his four strikes had to be countered with a different type of slash. He doesn’t really need that combo to kill people with Nodachi. I used to think it was broken, along with Black Lotus’s Sledge Hammer combos…but as I actually got better at countering moves, certain moves become less threatening, and others more threatening.

As for tiers

Black Lotus/Kokuren - Rapier
Utsusemi - Nodachi
Kannuki - Broadsword
Tatsumi - Rapier
Red Shadow/Hotarubi - Sabre
Mikado - Nodachi

If the sub-weapons were different, the ranks would be different.

I didn’t like Bushido Blade 2 as much. New characters and less weapons, is a lot like having less characters. Bushido didn’t matter anymore, AI wasn’t as good, and it was overall dumbed down. Moves that could score counter hit and thus kill the opponent, in part 1, would just create a clash or bang against the opponent’s sword in part 2. Kaun + Yari > All. I don’t remember the other character rankings, but Shainto was generally better than Meikyo.

I wasn’t fond of Kengo. I could go for a remake of BB, as long as it had multiple weapons like the first game, a better fleshed out counter system, and stuck to the Bushido part in the story mode.


Honestly I’d structure it slightly more like Virtua Fighter in some regards…or at least pay very close attention to frame advantage/disadvantage. Instead of having to parry or clash everything, add a block that will defend against most attacks but leave you at disadvantage. The parry would give you advantage but never guarantee a hit except in the most extreme cases (if at all). Make parry whiffs punishable to keep players from trying to parry everything (sort of like they are already).


I never got all that deep into Bushido Blade. Loved the idea, though!

My contribution to the thread: Reminding you of the really creative ads they had back then for this game.




I love this game and would be elated to see Square make another one. I just hope they don’t FORCE you to stick to the code of bushido like they did in the story mode of the first game, because I play like a dirty, rotten, honorless jerk. 3 cheers for throwing sand!


If Square makes a new fighter it better fucking be a new Tobal. Bushido Blade can GTFO.

TBH, that game was fun. But I doubt we will ever see anything like that again, once Square merged with Enix it was the last of the good Square games. Which is weird because both companies made great games prior to the merger.


Hahaha Squaresoft was so ridiculousy terrified of doing anything different after their shitty CGI movie lost them all their money that they almost never did anything interesting or cool again. Squaresoft got the better end of the deal. Enix completely bailed Squaresoft out, but still to this day they are gunshy. That is why we will never see another Bushido Blade.


Only semi-on-topic but I had this thread still loaded… and one of the front-page headlines was “Bushido Impact International II Streaming Live”. I said: “Wait, what? Are you serious? Square-Enix really did make another Bushido series game, and so soon after we were discussing it on SR-- wait, oh. Duh.” Then I was a little disappointed.

The stuff that comes to mind when you’ve just woken up.


would like to see a new bushido blade if it were fast paste


Im am glad too see so many other people with fond memories of this game. I agree with those of you who say that BB2 was not as good. I truly feel this game had element that no fighting game has been able to duplicate. I miss it terribly.


I always thought the Deadliest Warrior games (XBLA, PSN) were rather similar in execution to BB.


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sorry to bump this but… i am just curious about your ranking for bb2


Bushido blade was so original and fun. I have been saying this for years now.