Bring back the Sanwa Flash1 days!

I need to show Sanwa Denshi that their Flash1-joystick is very popular so they will reproduce it for us. I have made (Mayhem :sweat: ) a petition that is very easy to use so if you want to see Sanwa make more flashsticks please sign my petition.
Look at the third joystick from the top…


make it happen good friend

signed the petition ^____^…i wants me one!!!

i ve seen it on akihabara shop, but could anyone tell me what are the carateristics and what is so great with that joystick?
cause the “no-click” …:confused:

I signed I’d like to try one some day :rofl:

kada: As it says in the description, it’s optical. Like a P360.

Per, I obviously signed it. I’m glad this is up and running. If we’re lucky maybe they’ll bring it back in time for the new catalogue at the end of the year!


Signed, hopefully it works!

I thought they lost the patent to the flash and thats why they dont make them anymore and couldnt if they wanted too.

There we go!



Signed. I can post this up at a couple of UK boards if you like?

Signed it.

Why did they stop making it? And what is different about this stick compared to non-optical sticks? Can you feel motions better on it?

^Not really, it just has no micro switches. So when you move it around, you feel no clicks, but it still registers because of the optical sensors.

I was and still is a USA patent (it even says USA-PATENT on the FLASH1-pcb). According to what they told me they can make more but not at a too low quantity. I think this is the best way to show Sanwa that we mean business :).

Demon Dash
Yes please post on U.K. forums :).

It feels so nice when playing on this thing, you just have to experience it to feel it.
Also, they stopped production because of mild respons from the japanese people.

I’m gonna sign as well. I’ve never played with a flashstick, but I really want to. I hope Sanwa will react on this petition.

Signed the petition, I really want one or more of these babies (although I don’t really need to since I already have 3 sticks, but that’s the way it is when you’re addicted to arcade parts)

Signed. :tup:

Cool. I signed and confirmed. :smile:


In anticipation, does anyone know if the HRAP PCB can be tapped for the 5V needed to swap this stick in?

you should spam this around to other gaming sites and forums. It might boost the #s up to actually work…

I prefer microswitches but I’ll sign it anyways, because it’s a noble cause at any rate. :slight_smile: