Bring Calm's Tourneys back in S.FL!

If you want Calm Warrior’s tournament back in South Florida the post up.

Shinblanka: Please sticky this. This is very important for the S.Florida Community. :tup:


I think Calm is aware that he gets better turnout in South FL as opposed to elsewhere, so it’s obviously in his and the community’s best interest to get his ass down here. :tup:

Why doesn’t anyone else just hold a Tourney why does David have to find a place S.Fl is just to lazy to find a place so they are makeing Daviddo it.

Don’t do it David there tryin to bring back slavery.


Orlando has a shitty ass scene…



we should have a tourny soon

For real. I miss playing and having it actually mean something.

I’m actually considering taking this paycheck and trying to build upon it. With Andrew’s money.

I agree David, bring this shit back to S. Fl I miss chillin with the Miami homies

damn even orlando is saying take it back to south FL lol thats some shit

can you blame them? :karate:

Is not that orlando has a bad scene, there are a lot of good CVS2 and a few tekken 5 players here. The thing is that, they are all too busy playing with their bananas.

I was planning on coming back and doing a tournament in miami anyway. But personally i am getting burned out. Also i put alot of energy and heart into this tournament and gaming thing. I tried to do the same thing that you guys are doing now a few months and also build up our scene the best way i knew how. You guys flamed my thread(s) and when i asked you guys to stop my request went un-noticed and now you put this thread up as if to move me to take action to build up south fla. while you were shooting yourself in the foot. Don’t get me wrong, I can rip ten to twelve names of that i could always talk to online or on the phone and get good ideas and was consistent with help or just the right attitude that i needed to make this thing what i wanted it to be, a hobby. Now it’s more like a chore. I get burned out at the end of tournaments and i have no highlights that make me feel like doing them anymore. I wanted SFLA to be a nationally recognized place for doing tournaments and it’s either not happening or not happening fast enough and all my work feels futile. (well just thought i would vent and let you know how i feel about doing this stuff for you guys. The candle is buring at both ends gentlemen so when i ask for no flames next time I mean it.)

Anyway i Planned on coming down in the next few weeks to chill my boys from my childhood and also scout a place for the tournament. BCC is no longer an option for atleast not north campus. I will have to find somewhere else so when i come done if i find a place it will be the weekend of october 8th or 22nd.

Third strike is the only game i am going to do round robin. (FYI)

Tournament Itenarary will be most likely all playable capcom titles, Naruto 3 and maybe 1 to 3 snk games and that should be it.

Ok let me re-type my post…

Come back! Dude you need to chill when it comes to the shit talk, it isnt serious 99% of the time… But its alright. We have a thread to post in now so your tourny thread will most likely stay on point :tup:

Everybody wants you to come back… Even before the first Orlando tourny you KNEW you would be coming back to Miami… You told me yourself =)

And why so many SNK games? a tourny shouldnt consist of 3 - 4 people for a game… That should just stay casual. Make this tourny CAPCOM ONLY (and maybe some Guilty Gear, its fun to watch Jam.)

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Street Fighter 3 : 3rd strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Guilty Gear X2 #r

These games have proven successful in the past and should be main games in your next tourny… I can guarantee atleast 16 people for A3… Even if I have to pay people to join with their V-Sakura’s and V-Ryu’s… I’ll even put $ on the pot.

All the other games have had NICE outcomes and you know South FL will show up for sure… Along with some Orlando / Tampa / Tally players aswell

PLEASE make this shit GANGSTA! I’ll help you in any way I can… Call me up


Yo vega is right the shit talk only makes our scene hilarious

GG wont be jam anymore this time there will be some yoyo action in the finals =)

Anyway you have to come down and chill with us and youll understand how things work down here


2 min later

Ozzie - yo peter come with me to get some food
Me - ok lets go =)


Word David.

Seriously I was gonna go up there. I even got my ticket but Mother nature always fucks shit up. I got my money back though. Yea though Veiga is right. Wait… Did Peter Agreed with Veiga?

Wow David is teh King!

Man its because of you I got better in certain games. Especially 3S. After that last S.Florida tournament… And the aftermath(You know who im talkin about). Whenever I goto NYC’s Chintown Fair Arcade, I daydreamed about my revenge on certain players…

O wells. Good luck on your find. If I find anything Ill let you know.


3s would be very VERY interesting!

Im almost excited :tup: :karate:

Dwayne when are you going to roll by? I still have to pick your Cody off the ground, that bitch ass bastard :badboy:

Thats exactly what David doesn’t get, thats how shit gets down!

Its just the shit talk between you and RandomNigga is SOFTCORE!

… bitch! :encore:

look guys. Maybe my post seemed a bit too emotional while in actuality it wasn’t. and don’t insult my intelligence by trying to define trash talk i used to engage in a little my self with all the people that used to come to thursday night gatherings.

YOU ALLLL KNOOOOOOWWWWW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. when i say flames. It’s the disrespect, the peoples family members being dissed, people main to only game they play being called wack or a Rock/paper/scissors crap shoot. I tried to build us up with info so that some people would get better. Navarros info although was thought wack inspired me to go read domination 101, then stop being scrubulous, and other text about competitive gaming. I was trying to do something for us all. Don’t dare to pretend like i am being a little bitch, Because that ain’t it. I was trying to have some discussion w/ men and young men in the same hobby and have some serious talk. Damn man i turned 27 yesterday and i am still playing videos and still having to put up with kids and their bS. if i wanted to do that i would go and teach again. All i am saying is that i wanted some real talk. I got denied two to three times when it was actually going somewhere. I was denied something that i really wanted that is what i am talking about. TRASH TALK ISN’T the problem disrespecting(flames) is, we all trash talk competition IMO, would be so different with out it but sporstman ship is also necessary, well maybe it’s just my ass getting older, who knows i just don’t tolerate certain shit from people and i don’t give it in return.

OZZIE your game selection is tight. But Naruto has a growing community and there was 26 people at this last tournament and i can’t ignore that.

SNK is small but if i don’t atleast recognize it like i do it will never grow.

and that’s the thing you guys i have found out that there are so many people in otown that just don’t post. Flames cause a ripple effect that affects your community. Watch di ride.

Flames effect.

  1. Flames occur
  2. Flames Return
  3. More Flames
  4. More Flames Returned
  5. Tournament thread becomes 3-4 people arguing and everyone going to thread to see argument. (i there as been about 4 tournament threads that i did not read anymore because of flames, MY OWN DAMN THREAD.)
  6. People get to thinking and realize they don’t want to be disrespected and stop posting. Dis enchanted by the flames get’s comfortable with playing with home boys and don’t attend local touraments.
  7. Playing casually makes people stop playing games often to non at all, playing knowing that there is tournament coming twice to four times a year makes people play with a purpose (to be the best) i’m saying it’s in our nature.

7.5- that when people start putting other stuff infront of gaming, chilling more with they’re ladies (instead of mandatory alone and chilling with bwoys time), chilling with their real friends when they trash talk it happens online and in person and those people can still brake bread and stay like family.

  1. Tournament Scene has been poisened and then starts to die down. :tdown:

  2. Prove me wrong then.

No one here wants all this info on games and watching videos and studing other continents play style to rape your boys that also play casually you want to beast on other people that do the same as you. You want to compete against equally equipped peers that make the game fun and not boring.

But mutual respect is what is going to make FLORIDA not S. FLa strong.

Anyway now that i have cleared that up.

Ice talk to swen or your homeboy and see if they are willing to hook me up with something at central for october.

I don’t know, you should think a couple of times about those SNK games, Dave. youve hosted like about 7 tournaments and all except MAYBE GameFlex 3 had a shitty outcome for all SNK games…

Naruto 3 is tight. If it had 20 somethin heads last time then why not. Games with numbers like that are fun for tourny, Games with 4 people signed up ARE NOT.

and PS


Talking about stupidity:

Look at that 3s thread that dude from atlanta try to build up. Put all of di south 3s players out there.

Yall distroyed (notice i did not spell destroyed) dat shit.

Talking about shooting your self in the foot. When you guys realize that some opportunities only knock once you will start to show more respect.

Did you realize (i think it was S.Double that started) how much research that he put into it. I bet none of you did. To me it looked like he went looking up info to start the thread and then seeking more from his community in the south and look what happened.

If that shit had live in a few months we might have been able to have a FLA and ATL match up, who knows but we will never know now.

I guess that was just trash talking too, huh.

Especially being that alot more people is starting to play 3S.

That thread about top 3s players in the ATL south seemed like straight up FANBOYISM! Its not like it would make a difference if you make it to the guys list or not, It would not matter in the end anyways…

Yo, lets try to get 40+ entrys in 3s, lets have a real SOLID sign up thread this time and put the tourny out there. ADVERTISE! I’ll even put flyers in every bakery in Hialeah I don’t give a fuck! Top Tier Pan Cubano

ahaha top tier pan cubano. wtf!

david, you have to realize not everyone’s going to like eachother and rivalries / discontent / panties in a bunch are going to affect your thread whether you like it or not. i would honestly not expect to run a tournament without some side-action from some people yelling / bitching / moaning / being random to eachother, in the thread or at the site itself. it’s just going to happen.

if you want to have a thread for strategy, go to the strategy forums (flamewars generally never happen there). discussion is always best left to instant messaging, imo. but in the end when there’s a thread about the tournament, someone’s going to say something that someone else doesn’t like and it’s going to get cute. it always will. there’s nothing you or i or anyone can do to stop it.

that being said, we’d still really like you to come host your tournaments down here again. if it can’t be in broward we can look for a place for you in miami. i can push for the club here at fiu to be formed and we can try and host it at fiu. things can be done, but you’ve gotta communicate, i guess.

anyways, for the next snk tournaments, i suggest you ONLY have kof neowave and get some people to spot you modded ps2s. that game is really, really fun, with the grooves offering a good deal of variety in playstyle. i’d say it’s a much better port to ps2 than 2k2 was (ps2 2k2 is fucking garbage). there’s very little lag and everything executes very well on ps2 neowave as opposed to everything that’s broken about ps2 and dc 2k2.

ninjaedit: oh, and happy birthday, you bum! :tup: :party: