Bring on a few requests

chop chop

-the generally requesting rules( read the sticky )
-no sentinel, magneto, cable, storm any thing.
-nobody from Sammy
-sprites and sprite types only
-I’ll get the pics:)

[AVs and Tags]

Most of my work is either on my deviant page in my sig or on one of my villagephotos account.

[your name here]


kame wants an avatar for TM.

Any particular character that ***s?

edit: yep. Looks like “p w n” is censored here.:bluu:

I forgot you said you wanted one for TM.:o

Want any quick changes before my internet craps out again?:frowning:

Can i get one for here and tm? Pwetty please. Anything is cool, just have my name in it :’].


Done with Anthanasy. I’ll post it tommorow.

Working on Sabotage’s now.:slight_smile:

can u make me an av of Faust from ggxx? and testament.

sure sure:)

I’m done with Athanasy’s.

I’m also done with omac’s( sorry, Sabotage. It came out better with a character there. I still got you, though.:o ) . I’ll post it tommorow.


I’m deleting my thread now.

Np man, im sure it will still be cool who evers in it. Plus, now i can geuss who its goin to be :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
odd fact: it was actually more of an hassle to upload the avatar than making it.:confused: Every place I was going to kept saving it in the crappiest quality.

Done with omac1’s avatar. Not all that happy with the outcome, though. =/

Sabotage’s will be done tommorow. It’s already turning out better and better.

Those AVs are sick man nice job.

Thanks.:smiley: As you can see, green is my new love affair. The last one has green in it, too.:o
I’m probably done with green after this one.

yea is see what you mean but what happened to faust the wit a big scapelel. but it is nice.

I couldn’t find any pics of Faust that I like on gamegen. So I just decided to go with your other option.

Well, I still hope you like the avatar, omac, even though it doesn’t have Faust in it.

Any ways: I decided to finish/post up Sabotage’s avatar.
Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

taking a couple more requests

hey how about tessa (SvC)