Bring SF4 to MLG!

As you know, MLG has added Tekken 6 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl to their circuit, and they’re thinking about bringing SF4 to the circuit. Well, please sign this petition on the MLG forums to help MLG notice the HUGE SF4 community.

Thank you very much for your donations

Here’s expecting them to bring in SF4 and then ban Ryu, Rufus, Cammy, Fei Long, Fuerte and Rose, and all the levels except for the one with the fat kid.

Hey, it makes about as much sense as any other banning by MLG.

mlg has used fighters in the past and never banned anyone. they always go by the communities rules when it comes to picking the rules/gametypes of a game.

Haven’t they introduced ludicrous bans on many other games they’ve had in the past? Particularly Halo?

I figured they didn’t add SF4 yet because SSF4 isn’t out yet and they might as well wait for it to come out and all that.

Possibly, but they still played a couple Halo 2 tournaments before they added Halo 3 to the circuit even though it was out.

It’s not up to MLG, it’s up to capcom.

What would you consider ludicrous?

Banning something that takes little skill and replacing it with a more skillful weapon? Like banning Assault Rifles in H3 or removing equipment like Power Drain or Bubble Shield?

If you play any modern day shooter you should be able to realize how unskillful games have been becoming over the years, games like MW2 are ruling. Needless to say that game is a complete failure in terms of being a good test to determine who is the best player/team. But because it’s so insanely popular MLG has to consider it over lesser known games that require much more skill, teamwork and actually have an original and unique take on the otherwise dull genre of shooters.

MLGs rules are to make the game more competitive, any other league that has used H3 or Gears of War has done a terrible job at making their settings, they’re laughable at best.

H3 out of the box with default settings is uncompetitive and very unskillful, unlike fighters. But luckily for MLG Bungie has great customizable options in their Halo Franchise so it was easy to make Halo 3 as skillful as possible. In Halo 2 it wasn’t necessary because it was so good out of the box, only a starting weapon needed to be decided on along with some basic gametype decisions and the type of weapons on map.

MLG has never banned anything in terms of fighters that wasn’t pretty much an official ban from the community.

And since MLG has only had Tekken and Melee on the circuit before, I don’t believe they were required to ban anyone.


Exactly, the petition is only a small piece of evidence MLG will be bringing up in their meetings with Capcom. This is why it’s important to sign this petition, to let Capcom know that SF4 can/does have a place in MLG.

MLG is trash. They’ve screwed some people out of prize money in the past.

This whole skillful/unskillful thing is fucking stupid. Why do they ban so-called “unskillful” shit if it’s really “unskillful”? If a player was “skillful” enough, they could use whatever the fuck they want to win. ESPECIALLY against “unskillful” shit. I want to slap whoever runs MLG.

Fuck MLG until they decide to pay back the prize money they owe the winners of Evo 2k5.

yep its up to capcom and if u not playing halo on mlg it aint worth it halo is the only 1 that makes good money on mlg


Like I was saying…

Fuck MLG and their idiotic banning of shit. Smash Bros is a good fit for you.

Halo is hot, asstastic garbage. It’s a “MW2 cock slap in the face” to true arena shooters.

So you’d rather play H3 with the starting weapon as shotguns at 200% Speed with everyone having 3x shield?

Are you fucking stupid?

If a weapon similar to a BR existed I’m sure the option to use it or the BR would exist, this isn’t Counterstrike though so be fucking realistic.

Any dumbass who would decide to use an AR over a BR in a match would get destroyed, so the option isn’t available.

They don’t ban anything from games that don’t need to be. If you actually played any shooter competitive, especially Halo 3 or any other console shooter you’d realize that game developers include a lot of things now in days that take little to no skill to use, that doesn’t mean they’re worse it just means that they don’t work when you’re trying to promote skill over randomness.

Fighters = Nothing Banned


H3 - Equipment, AR, Spiker, Brute Shot, Covenant Sniper, SMG, Needler, and Plasma Rifle are removed

Why? Because they add nothing significant to the game and aren’t in any way skillful. The BR, Snipe, Carbine, Plasma Pistol, and Rockets are all left in. The rockets are not skillful but they are power weapons that spawn on the map. In case you don’t know anything about shooters(which is looking more and more obvious) power weapons are weapons that spawn every 2 minutes after they are picked up. Their spawns are located in spots on the map where both teams have an equal opportunity to get them. This promotes movement around the map, so in games that have no objective people don’t just hide on their side.

CoD(Which is not even played on LAN because the game doesn’t support it, but is seen as an MLG title by a lot of people) - Bans things like Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Tactical Insertion, etc. Why? Because they can be abused significantly and require little to no skill, plus they can be used off your spawn. No need for teamwork or skill to require them.

Most likely you won’t read this, but if you do good job. Keep an open mind and maybe you’ll be educated about competitive console shooters and MLG.

Can you please make a concise argument?

Maybe address specific points so I can understand what the hell you’re trying to say?

I’m not defending Halos quality as a shooter I’m defending MLGs decision to get rid of the pointless and lesser skilled weapons like any shooter game does that needs to.

  • Also, arena shooters don’t work on the Consoles and not everything needs to be an arena shooter. Get some variation in your life.

I’m assuming you’re referring to games like Quake, and UT which are just horrible on the consoles because of the fact that we have to use a controller.

  • I’m also not sure if you like MW2 because you used it as some sort of insult, if you do like MW2 over H3 competitively you’re most likely misinformed about the twos competitive scenes, because Halo is a much better game than both the Modern Warfare games when it comes to competitive play.

MLG’s change in settings for Halo is comparable to CPMA / promods for PC shooters. Vanilla shooters aren’t designed for tournament play, so modding them is common in competitive communities.

There is less weapon variety in MLG Halo because individual weapons cannot be edited through Bungie’s in-game editor. However, the end result yields more variety in strategy and depth in gameplay than vanilla Halo 3 does. If MLG could use default settings like they did with Halo 1, Shadowrun, Tekken, etc, MLG would.

Adding SFIV to MLG’s circuit would be beneficial to both the 2D fighter community and the MLG community. It’ll bring more tournaments and limelight to SFIV, if anything.

Do you guys even play Halo? If it were AR starts, it would be ridiculously boring. BR’s make it more entertaining and balances the game out so much more. It’s a lot easier to dominate with power weapons if everyone has an AR compared to BRs.

But theres no point of arguing this here…if people want to hate on MLG for stupid reasons, you can’t change their mind.

Does “royally fucking over the community in the past” count as a stupid reason?

Yes I love winning a tourney and not getting anything for a prize.

I was talking about that from a Halo standpoint, but what did they do to fuck us over?