Bring SF4 to MLG!

Oh my bad. I gotcha.
To answer your question, the way it was explained to me: MLG helped run Evo in 05. They took off with the winnings and the evo winners never say a penny.


They didn’t pay the winners at Evo2K5.

I personally have never trusted MLG from the get-go…something “Imperial”-ish about them.

Yes, “us”, as in the fighting game community. And why didn’t they pay the winners? What’s the story behind that?

So does Smash have items, then?

Hello, everyone.

I’m Lemon.

Yes, I just signed up.

Yes, to defend MLG. I’m “that guy”.

Look, I don’t know what happened back in '05, I’d never heard about that and I don’t know a single detail about it (sure doesn’t sound like the whole story is getting told, though).

That was five years ago. MLG is ten times as big, and is paying out $100,000 for first place national championship Halo finishes alone. They’re relatively financially secure, they don’t have any reason to be “fucking people over”, as it’s so eloquently put.

MLG is as mainstream of a gaming league as there is. The fighting game community is basically a very big “cult”. MLG wants to know if fighting gamers want to get a big boost in exposure, if SSF4 is something that can legitimately draw some attention and revenue. MLG can make even bigger things happen for the fighting game community, and everyone here knows it, regardless of whether you think Mike Sepso is Emperor Palpatine or some stupid thing.

Don’t refrain from signing this petition because you’re afraid to admit that joining forces with another gaming league will open the market even further.

Stop talking ridiculous nonsense about modifying gametypes as if it were a bad thing, and as if you have any experience as to why these things need to be done. That’s a retardedly stupid reason for disliking a gaming league, and FPS games are not in any way comparable to fighting games, so keep your purism to yourself.

Put your dumb grudges aside and think about what is good for competition. More tournaments for fighting games, or bawwing incessantly?

Got a link to the story?

fuck MLG, fuck smash, and fuck sf4 topics in general discussion.

I just realized this topic was opened in the SFIV forums and FG forums so this has no place here.