Bring your I-Dub, The official Socom thread

Set to be release in late October, but the public beta has officially launch on Friday. Visit videos of beta below


Has anyone found a good server yet that doesn’t freeze up your ps3?

I got my beta key earlier today, and I’ll definitely give it a whirl tomorrow evening. GREAT topic name, by the way.

:wonder: Is that full force in your avatar… dood?

^ I smell pussy!:rofl:


I have the first episode of Qore so I should be getting the beta e-mail around 8:00 PM est. It damn well better show. I’m notorious for getting dicked over due to e-mail confirmations. I think I need gmail

loading time is a b1tch in the beta… then you shoot someone in the face and it crashes. heads up if you actually take the time to pimp out your settings, BACK IT UP, the last update wiped all my controller and color configs.

how you guys liking socom: confrontations?

Pretty good. It’s laggy beyond playability right now, but from what I’ve played it’s cool.

awesome game

I have a question and I would be greatful if some one could give me an answer.
Question: I bout Socom today I set up the headset it works fine , but then i downloaded the data for the game and then go on to play and it keeps saying corrputed but the disc is perfect clean n tryed it 3 times already. if this happend to you with socom or any other game can u pleaseeee help me out!
_Thank you

Delete the Socom save file under the “Saved Data Utility.” That should do the trick.

Didn’t notice a SRK clan, so I started one today. Lemme know if you’re interested and I’ll send you an invite …

… or invite me if there is already one.

Thanks man that worked , n R C add me my name is Telavsion , also add me to the clan

it says that id not registered. try add me instead

good games last night R|C. i was playing with the KSK (German) GMP smg and light armor yesterday. smg + light armor = fast movement but it isn’t worth it. i died too fast and smg’s seem to be useful for short range at best. oh yea and the lack of bullets per clip was crap. looking forward to switching it up to the IW-80 tonight.

favorite maps so far: frostbite, desert glory, and fallen. i just realized how there’s not many guides and info on the net for confrontations. tempted to pick up the strategy guide. i got a 25 dollar gift card for gamestop i haven’t used yet.

ya good games man. i think i was using silenced f90 … havnt memorized the models yet. i find smgs are great for headshots up close, and decent in some mid range situation. im gonna try the iw80 tonight too, and also the m16.

ya inoticed theres lack of info too. what a shame. i didnt know there was a strat guide!! id totally get.

Good games again last night SystemsOn.
Damn, 3am socom is kicking my ass at work 8am in the morning. I’m so tired, but this game is so fun. :rofl:

Chachi, I re-sent the clan invite 'cause we switched over to France, and now We Got Dat Famas.

Anyone else from SRK play this game?
Send me a message and I’ll reply with a clan invite.
You don’t have to be really good or anything, it’s just about having fun.

Here’s the most recent announcement from the Socom dev team RE: the upcoming patch:

The other night, I stealth killed an enemy camper 'cause the dude was talking really loud about his work and how he was a contractor for some company. I guess he got bored of camping so he was talking to someone, and the proximity mic feature picked up the conversation. What he didn’t know was that I was camping at the same spot right next to him, behind cover. So I’m just sitting there, listening to him. :rofl:


yup, ggs. liking the famas a little bit better than the IW-80. both are great guns though. the game is fairly stable now. play is much better than the first few days of release. can’t wait for the new patch to fix this the bugs.

definitely need more people from SRK to join up. so far it’s just me, R|C, and Chachi.