Bringin It Back To Sac Tournament (Sacramento, CA) August 23rd, 2009

Sacramento has had a lack of tournaments or any kind of game scene for a long time, but now I present a tournament that I am pushing to be a big success with a lot of support and the chance to have fun (and win money if your good enough).

The two games that are going to be run are Street Fighter IV and Blazblue. I am trying to keep it strictly PS3 setups, and on a bring your own stick basis. Some sticks may be provided, but if all are in use, then your kind of out of luck, I’m sorry. Sign-ups are from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM, there should be some casual play going on between that time and once 7:00 PM hits we shall be starting our main event fairly quickly (after brackets are made) so it wraps up on time and Chris (store owner) can get some rest for his busy work day.

A one time Venue Fee of $5.00 is necessary regardless of what tournament(s) you enter. This money goes straight towards the owner allowing the tournament to take place, and keep doors open after hours if necessary (which might be, sorry Chris). Each game you enter will be $3.00 which goes towards the Pot for that particular game. The Pot will be split between 1st/2nd/3rd place in a 70/20/10 fashion.

Metropolis Comix
8241 Bruceville Road Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 95823
(916) 689-2009

The store owner’s name is Chris, so if you have any questions regarding the comic book shop, please contact him. But for any other info, please PM me or contact me via AIM (AIM works with yahoo/msn accounts).


All matches are gonna be best 2/3 rounds, except for grand finals which are best 3/5 (could change depending on whether or not both finalists agree to a best 2/3 rounds rule). Double elimination. All characters legal. In the event of a draw, both players will continue playing until a winner is decided. Pausing the game while the match is occurring results in an automatic loss to the person who paused the game.

Other important stuff

METROPOLIS COMIX is NOT responsible for any lost, stolen, or misplaced items that are brought in to this event. Because this is a public venue, good sportsmanship and behavior is appreciated! Although there are no additional prizes announced, that may change overtime. Any food provided by me or the owner of Metropolis Comix will be served on a first come, first served basis. I know I’ll be bringing in that fresh Max’s of Manila lumpia! Depending on my funds, I’ll also put down on some drinks for you guys (depends, since there is a jamba juice like right across from Metropolis Comix). :tup:

If i missed anything, do get to me. I’ve had one helluvah week, so it’s highly possible there is a detail i missed xD.

Condensed version of info:

WHERE: Metropolis Comix
8241 Bruceville Road Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 95823

WHEN: August 23rd, 2009. 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM is sign-up time. Tournament starts after brackets are finished.

HOW MUCH: $5.00 Venue Fee, $3.00 Game Fee.

GAMES: Street Fighter IV and Blazblue (PS3 mainly). BYOS.

RULES: 2/3 rounds for all matches except grand finals (3/5). Double elimination. All characters legal. Pot split 70/20/10. Pausing results in an automatic loss!

Registration time and start time subject to change at Metropolis Comix discretion (highly doubt it will xD).


I’ll be there most likely :party:

I’m there!

Wow! A tourney I can actually make it to!

I’ll most likely be there, and bring 4-6 others.

I love you guys, no homo. :party:

Homo <3

Homo overload :xeye:

I might be there. I move out of my apartment at the end of the month, so who knows?

Are you moving to Sac?

it looks like I’ll be going to this tourney instead of Drom’s tourney that day.

up the game fee to $5 bucks

Why not go to both? Best of both worlds! Heh, it’d be funny if Davis came out to Sac again for this one :smiley:

Its going to be tough. Theres going to be 3 tourneys in one day. Starting with the one at Pop-ups over by Elk Grove High School that starts at 12pm, Drom’s Comics in Davis starts at 2pm and then the metropolis comix tourney. I know I’m going to the metropolis tourney but Im not sure about the others. Davis is a 30 minute drive compared to Pop-ups internet cafe which is a 5 minute drive for me.

The one thing about Pop-ups is that the guy who is running the tournament said he was going to have a SF4 tourney but ended up just having a SC4 tourney instead. I drove this guy to his house and back to get another setup for SC4 but we ended up not being able to get inside his house because he didnt have a key. I ended up almost staying for the whole SC4 tourney cuz the guy asked me if he could use my PS3 for the tourney. I was pissed because I talked to the guy before when he came into my work at Gamestop and talked about having a SF4 tourney and he ended up not keeping his word.

I might go to Drom’s but when I went there this past Sunday, there was hardly anyone there. Hopefully they can get more people to come. They only had one set up which was ok for the number of people that showed up. They had some weird filipino guy there that was kissing everyone’s hands after the match which made my experince there really enjoyable.

I can kiss your hand too if it makes things enjoyable, no homo.

Yeah, they don’t often have a huge turnout, but the people that do come are real skilled. You’ve come to The City, right? Who are you IRL again (name and who you play helps me jog my memory)?

And who was kissing everyone’s hands O_O? FilipinoChamp? thxyoutoo? Weird o_o

Hi guys,

I currently have no sticks that work for PS3, only for the 360. Am I screwed if I come?

I’m not going to say no because there might be times when no sticks are available, but I know I can share whenever I am not using mine, so long as I get my stuff back. And a few others are bringing theirs. I’ll migrate the list in a few. :lovin:

Hey Gamegeezer, I’m going to try and make it if I’m not working. And so I’m clear the $5 goes to the store which doesn’t go into the pot. Although the $3 for each game is in the pot, right?

You are correct. Hope to see you there! :wgrin:

lumpia and ps3 consoles are pretty hard to pass up for me. i will prolly show up.